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    Please don't think I'm crazy, because that's a no brainer! I've pretty much used TI Flats on my archtops. The others times I used Chromes. I gradually went up in gauge as time went by. I had been using 13's when I started to have an issue with a trigger finger. I couldn't tell if it was caused by the 13's, or from spending a day playing the blues with my tele after not doing any string bending for a while. So I changed the TI's to 11's, stopped playing the blues as much and my problem went away. After using the guitars acoustically most of the time, I've started to use my amp again. When I recently got my new archtop I put on TI 11's like my other guitar. Now, when I play through the amp it almost sounds like I'm using hammer-ons! I know TI's have lower tension strings. Could using the lighter gauge after using 13's for over a year be causing it? I was using my looper and when I went to play along with the loop it sounded like I was tapping the frets along with playing the notes. I'm wandering if my fingers are too strong for 11's now, and my fingers are pressing like they were 13's? I also haven't ruled out that my left hand isn't in sync with my right hand, and I hadn't notice until I started playing with the amp again.

    I've only started playing archtops a couple years ago after 45 years playing solid bodies. I do know I need to change how I play an archtop vs my Tele. Hey, if it was easy anyone could do what we do!


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    The string gauge of the lower strings in a TI 12 set is similar to a Chromes 10 set. I assume 13 and 11 may be similar so take that into account as you experiment.

    That’s normal IME. When I go to Guitar Center to try guitars and they have 9s I feel like they are rubber bands. Eventually you can adapt.