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    I've had a 310 . and now have two , a Blu6 and a Forte. , and the Blu 6
    is very good, lightweight, powerful and with Bluetooth. I don't know why
    the Forte production was "paused" . ( supposedly for improvements ! )
    its Ok, but I do have better amps,


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    I had an older model, 10' with reverb. Nice amp, liked it and gigged it a lot. Sold it because after a number of years, i felt like a change. They cashed in their market success by raising their prices a lot. Lots of competition in much lower prices.. Quilters, Dv Mark, Zt Lunchbox, Roland, Boss, Fender Tonemasters..

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    Just one, a early model Convertible head, which I use with a Redstone speaker cabinet. Been my main amp for over a decade.

    I am always eyeing the Bud though. Eventually, I'll probably get one.

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    I've always been tempted by the Bud/Blue 6 but already owning a Quilter Micropro 8 I feel like it's hard to justify another $1000 super portable gigging amp.

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    For years my super portable gigging amp was the AER Compact 60. After getting my Blu 6, the AER became a paperweight. The Blu is lighter and sounds better (I particularly like the defeatable tweeter, a feature sorely lacking on the AER). The AER has long since found a new home.

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    Bought myself a Bud10 with another Raezer's Edge Stealth 10 ER...really looking forward to plugging my guitar in tomorrow...unfortunately I came home late yesterday and today and my son was already in bed....)

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    ...after a short counting: zero (just for the record, I would be glad, if I had just one)

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    Currently two: Blu6 as well as a Bud head with a Raezers Edge 10" cabinet

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    I have an older 110ER which is still just great.
    I don't practice with it much, but for the occasional gig it is rock solid & reliable.

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    I wonder how does the Blu 6 fares compared to the 10 models. It sure looks attractive as a portable gigging solution! The Aer has an 8' speaker i believe, and it has no problems handling whatever.

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    I own a Forte head. Great amp. I suspect given its cost which resulted in lower sales. When Covid hit, Peter H was forced to basically shutter his shop, and I suspect he probably decided to focus on his best selling products. My first Forte suffered a power issue and Peter took it back and replaced it with a new unit. Customer service was great.

    I use this with an old 12" Genz Benz Shenandoah cab with a tweeter. I love the Genz Benz but when it died I was unable to get it repaired. Thanks Fender. I had a knack for buying gear from companies that Fender later purchased and trashed or killed outright e..g. Jackson Jazz'r, Guild Benedetto AA and Genz Benz. So I kept the cab and use it with the Forte. The reverb is OK. Nothing special but adequate. With the tube preamp at running at full tube voltage, one can dial it a bit of grit and it is a warm amp. Even though I only play at home, I retired my 70 SF Pro Reverb when I bought this amp. The Pro sounds great, has a super spring reverb but weighs a ton and is noisy compared to the Forte which is nearly dead silent. Very pleased with my Forte.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzgtrl4

    I just got the Bud Six...i used to have the original BUD the one with the heat sink fins on the back..I sold it to get the Bud 10. I used the bud six on a solo gig last week and it was great and LIGHT..i think this one is lighter than the original BUD!. i think the class D amp maybe contributes to that? anyway it sounds great.
    I did the same thing. Sold my original Bud and bought the new Bud 6. Definitely a few lbs lighter. In fact, I carry it in my gear bag. I should take a picture. I just finished a 3 week run of "42nd St" in a large theater with just that. Archtop in one channel, Richelieu plectrum jazz banjo (with a pickup) in the other. Since it's 30's style jazz music, needed no pedals. The director raved about my sound for both instruments.
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