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    I'm a big fan of the sound of the orignal Henriksen amps. I prefer the orignal heads before they even added the attempt at reverb. Honestly I just keep all the frequency controls straight up; it sounds so lovely and dark. Every itteration they have done on the design has brightened the tone, and the modern Buds are very bright to my ear.

    Also, these are getting old and have to be taken to Henriksen frequently for service. Which got me thinking...

    Would it be possible to recreate the preamp in a pedal format, and amplify it with a power amp?

    I'm only novice with electronics, but assuming the circuit can be traced and the circuts for the frequency pots can be closed for no adjustment, it should be possible?

    Would I lose something of the magic in the sound?

    I run them through RE cabs by the way, so other aspects to their amps won't be missed.


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    Hi! I had one of the earliest Henriksens in Europe I believe, a Convertible in 2007. While I agree with you in that the successive generations were not necessarily steps in the right direction - until the current Buds and Blus that is - the originals might have suffered from the coexistence of too many Polytones still in working order. My amp had an annoying mechanical buzz. The cab with a 10" Eminence Beta I believe was great for the size. Overall, a precursor to modern ultra-light rigs but not necessarily worth a cult status à la Polytone.

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    I had a first generation Henriksen head which was not as pleasing to me through my Raezer's Edge cabinets as either my Polytone head or my Acoustic Image Clarus (I found the Henriksen to lack the clarity of the other two). The new Bud/Blu class D amps have that clarity for me so the Henriksen head and the Polytone Head are now gone (both to fellow forum members).

    I guess we all have a sound that we like? I once borrowed an original Henriksen Jazzamp 12 for a gig and could not get a sound that worked for me (I had a Polytone mini-Brute at the time that worked great and I felt that Henriksen did not get the Polytone sound).

    The Blu 6 and Blu 10 are my main working amps, though I still use the Clarus from time to time. I also have a couple of Tube amps that sit at home and will probably put one of those up for sale locally.

    If you like the sound of those first generation Henriksens, my advice would be to buy a couple while they are still floating around. They won't be making any more of them and I doubt there is a big enough audience for them to create a pedal to duplicate that sound.

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    Thanks for the comments. One possible explanation difference of experiences is that I use solidbodies for jazz, with which I love the henricksen tone. I don't own an achtop to compare. Claurus heads were to sterile with a solidbody in my experience. The polytone head being mentioned is a good reminder that I need to get one of those to try as well.

    I'd still like to hear from anyone that might have experience tinkering with pedal circuits or amps to know how feasible my idea is. There are two internal circuit boards on the henriksen head. I'm not sure, but if the one with the frequency pots contains the full preamp circuit, then it looks like it gets 12v and conceivably sends a line level signal to the power amp with the other set of wires.