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    If you look at guitars on eBay you’ve no doubt encountered this issue. The same photos will be used by multiple sellers to create listings. Each seller that I message claims they have the guitar and other sellers are using their photos without permission.

    What’s really strange is each seller generally has thousands of positive reviews. Anyone ever figure out what the scam is here?


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    That’s nothing new it’s been discussed here many times enterprising entrepreneurs list at slightly lower prices they go and pay for the guitar in the shop is in and send it to you EMS only one time did I have a guy go to the shop to find it was already sold And I got my money back and later did business with them on another unique piece

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    Flipping guitars without the risk or cost of buying it first. eBay has no interest in policing this, since they get their fees regardless.

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    One problem with the seller once had a blonde Ibanez GB 20 listed but somebody else had already bought it by the time my guy got to the shop. There was about a seven day delay in me actually getting my money back in my bank account.

    But later the guy had an incredibly rare and elegant Ibanez GB 100 prototype In BLONDE and he came through on that transaction with flying colors and it was a score !!

    so it pays to inquire first if the guy has access to the guitar if he does and his price is right do the deal you never know what other incredibly cool stuff is going to come out of Japan. These guys generally use EMS and you’ll have the instrument within six calendar days

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    Duplicate guitars for sale on Ebay in a country thousands of miles from you with the exact same photos in their ad is a HUGE red flag.

    Even though some persistent and savvy buyers have been successful, there are far too many things that can go wrong, resulting in the potential buyer losing thousands of dollars.

    Caveat emptor.

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    Ebay should make it good. If you buy direct there will be more risk, but buying on ebay is as close to risk-free as anything I've found.

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    The one experience I had where the seller didn’t get the Guitar in time to ship it to me he refunded the money to me I didn’t have to complain to eBay the guy just did the right thing

    but if the seller did not do the right thing all you have to do is file a complaint with eBay and You get your money back
    eBay still is the safest way to go

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    Buying through Ebay should make the whole thing risk free. Hassle free? No.

    I could never buy a guitar from Japan on ebay due to the obviously dubious nature of many of the seller accounts and the often poor feedback they have.

    My favourite is "neck ok, truss rod not checked'. Well check it then! I guess if you don't have the guitar, how can you?

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    Years ago, I bought a Shure Microphone on EBay. It was on a hacked account (EBay alerted me to this after the seller had my money). A counterfeit microphone soon arrived from China (I got a call from someone at Paypal alerting me that a lot of Shure microphones sold on the EBay platform were fakes). Neither EBay nor Paypal would stand by their guarantee. When I told the representatives of those companies that I was an attorney and could sue them and win, they both told me to do what I had to do. I sold the counterfeit microphone on EBay, fully disclosing that it was a knock off (it did work) and in the end was out about $40 IIRC (You have an obligation to mitigate your damages before you can win in a lawsuit). That was too little money for me to go to small claims court over. My time is worth more than that. After that, I put all of my online purchases on an American Express card (That company actually does protect you). Relying on EBay or PayPal, IMO is the province of a fool. Maybe they will protect you,maybe not. Caveat Emptor.

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    Decades ago I bought (won & paid) a rather expensive watch from a seller in the US who hadn't listed an overseas shipping policy (or mentioned in a vague way that he'd ship nationally only), without checking first if he'd accept to ship to France. After a bit of back and forth where he refused to refund me, I used my PayPal protection, and got reimbursed. Still pissed about not getting that watch, btw... (a Japanese one, as chance has it ).