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    I’m mulling over the purchase of a 15 watt tube amp. The Traynor has 2 channels, direct out, a 12” Greenback and 2 EL 84s. Made in Canada. About $1000. The Princeton has a 12” Greenback, and some special cosmetics (‘fawn’ tolex) but is otherwise the Princeton we know and live. Made in the USA. It’s $1400.



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    I’ve not ever tried a Princeton but there are many positive opinions and lots of love here for the little Fender.
    I have owned several Traynor amps and would not hesitate to buy another. The YCV 20 has a few features that the Princeton does not offer. It has 2 channels, boost and it is el84 class a cathode bias. You can swap different brands of el84’s without having to manually bias the new tubes. It’s also less expensive but features the same speaker and spring reverb. I happen to think Celestion green backs are excellent speakers with really tight bass response and a beautiful top end.

    I guess you need to consider the character of 6v6 vs. el84.
    I own a Traynor YGL 1 which has only one channel and digital reverb (sounds great to me) and is a few lbs. lighter.

    No matter how many amps I have owned and sold, I will always have a Traynor YGL1.


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    The reverb and tremolo are what sets the Princeton above the Traynor. The Princeton has a sweeter clean tone. The Traynor has a better grind if you want to rock.If you go Traynor, buy used. They sell for used for a considerable discount.

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    If you buy a Princeton for $1400, I'd buy a silverface in good condition, not the new ones

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    I predict the release of Peter Jackson's The Beatles–Get Back will create new demand for old silverface Fenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS_Jazz
    If you buy a Princeton for $1400, I'd buy a silverface in good condition, not the new ones