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    Hello all,

    I'm considering ordering a Streamline 16 From Steve Andersen and I'm wondering if anyone here has one, or has played one. He seems to make guitars with really great acoustic response, but I wonder how full the Streamline sounds as a 16 x 3 cutaway body. It's exquisitely beautiful, and if it can hold its own in an acoustic swing setting, I will strongly consider purchasing one.

    Thanks for any and all feedback,



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    I have owned such a guitar and it was indeed a special instrument with it's own very pretty sound and feel. It did not sound as harsh and brash as many other archtops I sampled and had some qualities one normally finds in flattop guitars like a smoother attack, longer sustain and a more balanced tone overall. But you will have no difficulty cutting through in an acoustic setting with this guitar , provided it is set up accordingly : high(er) action, med/heavy roundwound strings + stiff pick/robust attack.

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    I've played many Steve Andersen archtops, including the Streamline. They were all excellent, and built to perfection. Most recently, I played an Archie, and I was completely blown away by it.

    I would be happy to own any guitar that Steve made. But new, he's now only building the Streamline, so you are in luck. They're fabulous archtops.

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    Yea, I was excited when I saw on his website that he was exclusively focusing on the Streamline. I emailed him yesterday to ask about the wait time, and he informed me that he is taking a break from guitar building, and he doesn't know when he will offer that model again. Hopefully he is doing okay, and hopefully he isn't retiring from guitar building. I guess I'm back to waiting for a fairly priced Streamline to appear on the used market.

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    I’ve owned two Streamlines, a 16” and a 17”. Both excellent, and not a huge difference in bass response between the two.
    I agree with the above comments on volume and tone.
    I have also owned an Andersen Oval Hole and an Archie. There is no difference in materials and craftsmanship between the Streamline and his custom instruments. They’re all great.
    I only sold mine because I’m playing smaller arch tops these days, though I kinda wish I had kept the Archie!