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    Hot on the tails (thanks to selling three instruments these last three weeks) of the Ibanez AF2000, comes this "Golden-Age Finish" acoustic archtop from 2005, in near perfect condition, from Mak's Guitars - well worth a visit. They are in the old Ivor Mairants shop, for those who might have visited that before, in fact Mak used to work there. Check out their archtops:

    It arrived an hour ago. I put my favoured acoustic strings on - Philippe Bosset Acoustic 1356 - but felt the two treble strings were not thick enough, so replaced them with the two I'd taken off. I've no idea what they were.

    The neck is very playable, the sound is LOUD, a bit bright with the new strings, but should mellow a bit over the coming days. I'll make a video when I'm happy with the strings. 17" body, about 3 1/4" deep, very "alive". It's a superb guitar, cost me £2,200, including original Eastman fibreglass case, and free shipping.

    I once owned - but couldn't hold onto for family financial reasons - a superb 18" acoustic archtop by Franz Elferink. So, how does this one compare? The Eastman is a bit louder, and the neck less deep (which I'm thankful for). The Elferink had a slightly deeper sound, which I liked, but with the right strings and some playing-in (despite being from 2005, it does not seem to have been played much) the Eastman should warm up a little. So far I'm REALLY impressed with it.

    ...that said, it's a bit too orangey for my tastes, but under some lights it looks a very nice golden blonde. My usual b&w videos will not be concerned with that!

    Eastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c10-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c9-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c8-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c6-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c5-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c3-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c2-jpgEastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910c1-jpg
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    PS In my room it looks a bit darker:

    Eastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-img-0939-jpg

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    Oooh! Soooo good! You do know that I likes muh Eastmans? I am trying to save my pennies up to get an Eastman archtop, with a 17" lower bout or larger. This does not help my Eastman GAS!

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    Wow Rob, that's a very pretty guitar!

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    Nice! A guy I've been playing with lately has one of those, but the ce variant with a floating pickup. It sounds great both plugged in and unplugged. Between this and the AF2000, dang! party at Rob's place!

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    So I was in reverse of your instruments. I owned a 2010 or so Eastman 810CE and sold it to upgrade to a Elferink Tonemaster Archtop.
    I really got lucky with my 810CE, and found a good sounding one. In fact I preferred it over the 910CE I had to choose from.
    That said the construction uses thinner plates ala Benedetto style of construction. So I found it acoustically a bit lacking in that older Gibson JS midrange I love so much.

    Congratulations on a very nice instrument at a very reasonable price. Also love the Gibson Bail tailpiece!

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    I just looked them up. I have to say it was hard to keep the ball end in the tailpiece when putting on the new strings. Not sure about it.

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    that looks very nice Rob, I'm assuming it's an aftermarket Gibson tailpiece?
    p.s. all of the Eastmans I've played were loud but very bright sounding

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    I don’t know if it is an after-market Gibson tailpiece. I could always change it to something wooden, and maybe try TI flats or even TI GB 14s. A period of experimentation lies ahead. As currently set up, it would be superb for cutting through an ensemble. But I think I can make it more sympathetic to solo work.

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    Happy NGD Rob!
    Beautiful blonde ya got there. Enjoy in health)

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    most of them have the wooden Benedetto style like this. might warm up the sound a bit.

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    Looks nice Rob. I played some nice Eastmans recently. Can't say I understand their model numbering system though.

    Could you give me a quick run down of them? I assume you're in the know.

    What Camera are you using btw? I used to take my old shots on a Fuji X-t10 with a 12 mpx sensor and built in lens.
    I upgraded that last year to a Nikon Z50 (aspc sensor) with a the Z 50mm 1.8f (75 mm equivalent) full frame lens, built for their full frame line up. I must say the lens is outstanding.
    I grabbed a cheap modern voigtlander too but can't see what the fuss is about. It's a 35mm (50mm equivalent) 1.4f fast lens. I was hoping wide open it would given me that dreamy, artistic, film kinda look.
    I'm setting up a studio in the next couple of weeks so I'll show you what I'm shooting for.

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    Wow - thats a beauty Rob ! I actually love the color - it’s like a vintage Benedetto honey blonde. There is no better value in Archtop guitars than a fine Eastman.

    Good luck with instrument and I look forward to one of your videos.

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    Cheers, folks.

    ArchtopHeaven - I took those photos off the shop's website.

    QAman - thanks. It'll do me for now. I've just played it for half an hour, and it is amazing for the price.

    Wintermoon - I'll have to track one of those down!

    I've ordered the Martin Retro Monel strings. Worth a try.
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    The Eastman tailpiece is just a wooden cover over a metal tailpiece. Not really any different except appearance. It’s not like an actual wooden tailpiece found on a higher end Archtop.

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    Rob, congratulations on the beautiful Eastman. I'm certain the guitar will convey it's full musical potential in your hands!

    I've been playing an AR910CE since 2013, love the guitar.

    Eastman AR910C Uptown ACOUSTIC archtop-eastman-ar910ce-jpg

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    fwiw I think the color is great. I'm not crazy about new white/blonde finishes even though they'll probably amber out over time if the guitar isn't a case queen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    I just looked them up. I have to say it was hard to keep the ball end in the tailpiece when putting on the new strings. Not sure about it.
    A big block pencil eraser might help. Wedge it between tailpiece & top to hold the ball end in place.

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    It looks wonderful, especially that tailpiece. Can't wait to hear you play it Rob.

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    Super SWEET Rob. A big congrats ! That guitar is going to sing pretty songs now.

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    Gorgeous 910 Rob! I love 910’s!

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    Cheers, lads, and thanks for the eraser tip, Chas!

    Played it for an hour before sleep caught up with me. It’s a powerhouse, for sure, a cannon, not just something they forgot to put pickups on!

    I’m getting used to the colour, which looks richer than on any of the photos.

    So, we are getting to know each other, which is always an exciting time. Different strings might tame the beast a little, and a little is all I’m looking for.

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    Okay, I woke early, and made this at 7.15am, somewhat sleepily. I had to boost my voice levels as the guitar is so loud.

    This is just for you guys...still with the Philippe Bosset strings, which are already sounding better after one night's sleep. Rode NT4 stereo mic.

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    Lovely sounding and lovely looking guitar. Congrats!!