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    A big thank you to all that have contributed to the thread, I really appreciate it. Id like everyone that wants to contribute, to continue doing so before we start the debriefing and analysis process.

    Keep it coming, this is a better thread than Id hoped for..


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I have a vintage Vox AC15 and it is a great amp, a dessert island amp. It sounds great cranked for leads of course, but it's best feature, and one that Voxes are known for, is is its uncanny ability to maintain note definition when played medium crunch for both chords and arpeggios.

    I recently plugged an archtop into it for grins and was surprised at how great it sounded, not a lot of bass but nice through the mids and highs but a beautiful clean sound. For professional use however it's somewhat limited for clean jazz because that sweet spot is in a restricted volume range, and the amp quickly wants to get into raging territory.

    Voxes do what they do great, but it would probably not be my choice for clean jazz.

    What do Jazz guitarists think of Vox amps?-1964-vox-ac15-6-jpg
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    Love my AC15 but it is really heavy. I also have MV50 AC, which is tiny and sounds really good. It literally fits in you hand and you can hook it to speakers or use it with headphones. I love mine.

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    I played 1979 AC30 about three decades. Mostly rock with solid body guitars. Loved the sound, the looks and the feel.

    But I did play jazz with it only once or twice and only with Epi Sheraton. Sounded lovely.

    But when I tried it with my ES165 or ES175 the result was plingy, trebly, feedbacky and not-so-classic-jazz sound. There is better amps to that.

    I had also an AC15HW1X which is super amp for solid bodies but I didn’t enjoy it’s archtop sounds.