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    If you had to explain the difference between these instruments (other than obvious cosmetics) how would you describe it? The only real mechanical difference seems to be the choice of pickup. The special has a Rhythm Chief 1100, while the "regular" has a Rhythm Chief 1000. I know, I know, play them both and choose for yourself but that's not really an option sometimes. Here are the links to both if that's helpful.

    A-150 Savoy in Blonde | Guild Guitars

    A-150 Savoy Special Snowcrest White(DISCONTINUED) | Guild Guitars

    I look forward to you all's learned and experienced insights. Thanks!


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    Should I just get a D'angelico throwback instead of guild?

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    I don't have an answer for you but the thought of no response from anyone was depressing. I think I may be alone in this but I've not been impressed with the reissued DeArmond pickups. I bought a Rhythm Chief 1100 and was underwhelmed. I don't know anything about the D'Angelico Throwback, I've got a Vestax NYL-2 that I like a lot but I'm pretty sure it's a completely different beast.
    You're not alone it just seems like it.

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    I've got an A150 Savoy with the 'regular' Rhythm Chief that's few years old (volume knob above & visible on the pickguard.)

    Don't know anything about any other A150's.

    These have a pressed solid top, like some pricey modern Gibsons.

    Mine is acoustically lively and sounds like a guitar with a floater (good, to me.)

    The slim neck suits me and you might note that the frets are taller than typical (I like.)

    First-rate Korean build quality. Mine weighs-in at just 6 pounds.

    Also, think about that extra-large headstock on the D'Angelico. Might not be as sonorous
    on a modern copy as with John D'A's examples.

    Good luck!

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    New D’angelicos are pretty highly rated for what they are (budget archtop)

    I don’t hear much about the new Guilds. Not sure why.

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    Get the D’Angelico and install a new pickup. You’ll be good to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Miller
    New D’angelicos are pretty highly rated for what they are (budget archtop)

    I don’t hear much about the new Guilds. Not sure why.
    Same problem Guild has always had...distribution. They're just not easy to find.

    I just tripped over 3 D'Angelicos on my way back from lunch. I think they come in the mail with the sample boxes of Tide.

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    I much prefer the D'A to the A150 which is a shame because the Guilds look better (IMO), and the RC1000 is a cool sounding pickup. An RC 1100 would be even better, IMO, which makes the "Special" a little more tempting, but the
    finish on that is pretty ugly.

    The A150's I tried had narrow nuts and skinny necks, which I found difficult to play. I found the neck on EXL-1's I've tried more comfortable; body shape, too. I also prefer the controls on the D'A - having a tone control is a plus, and the knobs are less obtrusive. Neither turned out to be the guitar for me, but if I were going for that style of guitar, I'd take the D'A (and maybe swap the pup for an RC 1100).