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    I bought these about four pieces from flea market in early 1980s for cables, pedalboard etc of my band then. Worked surprisingly well in the big tour bus, still in one piece! (You can see where from I cleared my old bands name from the side…)

    Nowadays I travel to gigs mostly with bicycle, train or small cars. I have soft cases for guitars and pedalboard and the cables, the stereo recorder etc fit in the pockets of those.

    But the amp stand. Smallest version of the Quik Lok family, but still big enough to not fit in the soft cases and I still have to travel with this cardboard box.

    Ok ok, maybe I just have to forget the amp stand and get used to just hunt a proper chair in the venue under my amp. And maybe take some black cloth with me to mask the chair ’invisible’.

    What bag do you use for everything else?-23198799-a602-47e8-a1e6-8725c7b86982-jpg


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    I don’t have one but Phil McKnight did a review of it.

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    off topic

    did a gig tonight using the house amp
    there’s a small PA there too

    just brought the guitar in its gig bag with
    a cable , spare strings and an ipad
    in the pocket
    deep joy !

    back on topic