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    Nice set!!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Bucky Pizzarelli had a thing for old Epiphone DeLuxes. They were his favorites along with a faithful DeAngelico and his 7-string guitars (Gretsch, then Benedetto). He started out on one (exhibit #1) and in his later years acquired a '38 blonde that is close kin to mine (less than 100 serial # younger, but with a swapped-out tailpiece from a couple years prior; exhibit #2 … the expression of pure joy in the picture always moves me).

    I discovered days ago that the '38 was the guitar he used exclusively for the record "5 for Freddie". If you'd like to know how a '38 Deluxe sounds acoustically, this is the best document I know. Needless say, the playing is wonderful and a bona fide textbook of rhythm 4/bar and chord melody: 5 For Freddie: Bucky Pizzare - Album by Bucky & Others Pizzarelli | Spotify

    Hope you enjoy a little good-natured swing!

    Dream come true: 1938 Epi Deluxe-bucky-pizzarelli-46-ad-vaughn-monroe-deluxe-jpgDream come true: 1938 Epi Deluxe-1938-epiphone-de-luxe-14074_0-bucky-pizzarelli-my-luxe-sister-jpg

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