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    So I managed to get a 74 twin for $1000cad with road case and two new vintage 30 speakers .

    The amp has had the caps and electrolytics replaced.

    the tremolo is not working but I knew that before buying the fella I bought it from didn’t like tremolo so he didn’t bother getting it fixed and basically posted the amp to see if there was any interest in it.

    needles to say I like the but find the vintage 30s too harsh at any amount of volume so I am wondering what is a good warm speaker I can get ? . I’d be tempted on electro voice but I’d be afraid of loosing the brightness all together and the ev in my Mesa is kind of sterile it doesn’t have that shimmy colourful sound the fender has but yeah that vintage 30 is a little bit too bright ?
    Attached Images Attached Images '74 Fender Twin Reverb-d687316a-71b9-434e-92eb-06e39c13990e-jpg '74 Fender Twin Reverb-c2546435-9efd-4e34-b3b1-d84ecd48fdc7-jpg '74 Fender Twin Reverb-5bd9f878-cc63-47f7-849b-f6f55e7699fe-jpg '74 Fender Twin Reverb-95c62b53-5a91-4d47-ad83-c099cda41421-jpg '74 Fender Twin Reverb-16b4b914-9a80-470b-a323-67afe453c678-jpg '74 Fender Twin Reverb-c4a5a885-6deb-4fc7-b731-eb122cf6b91e-jpg 


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    I'd probably slap in a pair of Jensens or better yet Webers if you can spring for the extra dough. You can sell the 30s to partially offset the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    I'd probably slap in a pair of Jensens or better yet Webers if you can spring for the extra dough. You can sell the 30s to partially offset the cost.
    what are Webers and as of this weekend my Mesa should be gone so I’d probably be able to pickup a set

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    Did the amp come with the reverb/trem footswitch? Reason I ask is trem rca needs tip shorted to sleeve to work. If the footswitch, or a shorting jack is not plugged in, trem
    won’t chooch.

    Of course, you probably already knew that.

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    Wow, these are getting hard to find in that condition. In fact in 1980, when looking for a twin, most of the ones I looked at were worse looking than that one. And yes, even back then the blackface twins were already hard to come by.

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    Might want to think about a Neo speaker, my pref is Eminence, but a lot of people like Jensen. I put Jensen NEOs in my 72 Twin, man that was a sonic ice pick. The Eminence cured that.
    Also, get the 12AX7s out of the initial preamp and sub with NOS 5751s. A bit less gain, yes, but much more full and wide toned. The AX7s, especially the new ones, can be on the shrill side than the 7025s (12AX7 in RCA drag) that amp shipped with.
    There are instructions on line to get that master volume out of the circuit, and then modify the amp back to late blackface or early silver face circuits. Some swear at that, some swear by it.

    Above all enjoy your very own monster )))


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    In general, Hemp-cone speakers tend to be designed for warmth.

    One favourite that seems to be highly regarded, widely available and not very expensive is the Eminence Cannabis Rex:
    CANNABIS REX™ - Loudspeakers | Eminence Speaker

    I use Tone Tubby Hempcone AlNiCo speakers - very warm, but stupidly expensive.
    Weber makes some lovely hemp cone speakers as well:
    -12F150H, 50 watt version
    -Ceramic Amsterdam 12 w/hemp cone
    -Ceramic Blue Dog 12 w/Hemp Cone
    -Ceramic 1225 w/Hemp Cone
    -Ceramic 1265 w/Hemp Cone
    -Ceramic 1265 W/Hemp Cone
    -12A150H, 50 watt version - Lovely, Pricey
    -Alnico Amsterdam 12 - lovely, pricey

    Lots more out there. You'll want 2 x 8 ohm speakers, so that the total load is 4 ohms, which is what the amp is designed to see at the speaker output.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvertonebetty
    what are Webers and as of this weekend my Mesa should be gone so I’d probably be able to pickup a set
    They're online and will recommend a speaker to your specific needs

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    My Guyatone Twin copy - that I modded to be exactly AB763 - came with a mismatched pair of Fender-labeled speakers (probably Emminence made) that I didn't like.

    I first put in a pair of Jensen C12K reissues that sounded gorgeous, especially in the bass department and I liked the somewhat subdued trebles, but they were soooo heavy. But they really sounded good and if you don't mind the weight, it sounds these are exactly what you're looking for.

    I replaced them with a pair of Jensen NEO 12-100s and those sounded pretty close to the C12Ks but with less bass and they were a touch more hifi sounding. No ice-picking at all. Definitely very good!

    I ended up with a pair of Pyle-speakers, with the blue Fender label and parts number 005379. These were at some point original to the Twin, I think in the later 70ies? I know for sure they came with the Pro Reverb. I like these best because they are very allround and 'vintage' sounding: good bass, but not too much. A fair deal of mids, just the right amount. And moderate but sufficient highs, that are not piercing but still offer nice clarity. They sound full and 'round'. These speakers are impopular for some reason - I can't grasp why, I love 'em! - so you can find a pair for cheap! I paid the equivalent of $60 for the pair.

    Just to share my Twin Reverb speaker experience!
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    Little Jay I should have made it clear the Jensen Neos I had the ice pick results with were the first generation model, maybe 12-15 years ago!
    Time does fly: I suppose thats been enough time to improve things)))
    Great thing about NEOs on a twin is they weight very little, makes it a bit easier to manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvertonebetty
    what are Webers and as of this weekend my Mesa should be gone so I’d probably be able to pickup a set
    I use vintage Jensens in my old Fenders, but Ted Weber makes great modern speakers that are wonderful.
    Just Google weber speakers,
    Call them and they'll recommend a speaker that suits your sonic needs.

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    It’s interesting to mix speakers. I paired an Eminence Red White & Blues with a Celestion V12-60 in my ‘74 Twin Reverb and got a nice warm tone with no ice pick. The Eminence has a fairly flat response. I think the Celestion adds a little sparkle. It’s now discontinued but was marketed as having a relatively flat response. The Celestion’s sensitivity spec is about 4dB higher than the Eminence, which means it’s dominant.

    I also dial both the treble and bass controls way back, since that’s the only way to achieve a fairly flat frequency response with the Fender tone stack. You’ll find lots of discussions about Fender tone stack settings on this forum, so I won’t go into detail here.

    I have a Jensen Tornado neo speaker in another amp that I like. I have thought about trying it in the Twin. The George Bensen Twin Reverb uses a pair of Jensen Tornados. I think the Bensen model has the standard Twin Reverb circuit, except for substitution of a 12AY7 preamp tube. On the product video he set all tone controls to 4. The Tornado is expensive, but the weight savings would be nice.
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