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    Off with the gold hardware and on with the original chrome hardware.

    I did not change pickups. I just added new covers and new screws.
    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-ibanez-2-jpg
    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-img_1348-jpg


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    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-img_1350-jpg
    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-img_1352-jpg

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    The guitar came to me with replacement chrome Shallers. Not bad tuners, and there are 3 extra holes for each tuning peg (from all the different tuners the guitar has had).

    I just went ahead and re-mounted the Shallers I had removed from the guitar in 1995. They are a little rusty but still function fine.

    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-shaller-jpg

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    I also dressed the frets and installed new strings. Strings different from my Gibson 175. I put on round wound strings with 10 E and a wound third. A super thin round wound set.

    Sounds and plays great!

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    I still need to get some witch-hat knobs to complete the restoration.

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    Nice to see you sticking with it. I remember you starting this some time ago.

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    I reversed the two low string saddles and re-adjusted the others so the bridge is now straight across with perfect intonation.

    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-dsc_0049-copy-jpg

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    Very nice!

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    I have the TI Benson 12s on mine, and it plays and sounds fantastic, in case you're wondering what strings to put on her when she's ready to go Did you try going over to Ibanez Collectors World forum to see if anyone over there had a set of tuners?

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    The previous owner made new holes in the back for the Schallers, then the Gold Schallers I placed in 1995 got another hole and there are two holes already for the original tuners, so a total of 18 extra screw holes.

    So, rather than filling all those holes, I'll keep the Schallers. Of course they are very nice tuners. I also just discovered I can replace the three rusty knobs with replacements available from Schaller. The call them "buttons" that is why I could not find them.

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    In got the pointers and knobs installed.

    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-dsc_0069-jpgIbanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-ibanez-witchat-jpg
    Ibanez ES-175 (2355) - Restore Back to Original-screen-shot-2022-12-13-1-51-45-pm-png
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    Now this one plays better than the real Gibson ES-175. Probably because I just re-dressed the frets, placed new strings, and did a complete setup.