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    Looking to replace Ibanez PM2 super 58 pickup with either Seymore Duncan:
    SH '57
    SH '59
    SH jazz model

    (Sorry if any of these are actually the same)

    Any thoughts on recommendations?

    Also anyone have work done by Jon Rose at the Fret Shop in Winchester VA? before I hand this over to him.....

    Normally I would go to Metroguitar but
    MetroGuitar is difficult to get to now in Arlington VA with construction,
    although Greg does great work



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    Is there a reason you are mostly interested in Seymour Duncan?

    I have used a bunch of SD PUs. I have never thought they were bad but have only really bonded with a couple. To my ear, they all have a particular sound. (I could be crazy). They are forward sounding. Which can be a good thing. Back in early 90s I went through: Pearly Gates (which I think is a hot 59, but I am going by memory), and a Jazz. I remember not liking those. It has been too long for me to remember what I disliked about those. I do dig the original JB PUs, but not so much for jazz. They are good for juicing a Marshall. Also I have a vintage rail saved in case I ever have a guitar to put it in. (The vintage rail has some air and depth, and works rally well in the mid position, when combined with the neck and or bridge. FX have a more float-y sound). I pulled it out of a PRS and put in Lollars. (The lollar I put in the mid position, is tighter sounding and a little hotter then the vintage rails). The vintage rails is my fav SD.

    I tend to really like the PUs more in Musicmann guitars. Those are wound by DiMarzio. I would say they “breathe” a little more. In my mind, SD and DiMarzio are mass produced replacement PUs, thus you can get used ones for a good price.

    Another good thing about SD, is the forum and how much info you can get about swapping out parts from different PUs. I am sure that is fun. Personally I do not engage in that. If you are really into experimenting, SD is the way to go.

    However, what ever sound you want from a PU, is out there. There are so many excellent PU makers.

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    Hi Jazzimprov

    last year I went crazy in wanting to replace the Silent 58 in my PM200. Not quite the same, I know. But I tried 36th Anniversary, Benedetto A6, SD Antiquity, a Super 58 from a MIJ AF200, and even borrowed a Lollards Imperial. My choice by a long lead was a Lindy Fralin Modern PAF. It moderates the all maple 200, gives a great sense of player feel, and sounds good.

    Problem is: what sound do you want/like/enjoy. I tend to chord melody, not a total bebop sound. Do you have an idea of what you want your PM2 to sound like? We also need to figure in your style (pick, finger ) and strings (light, heavy, flat, round). And probably would be good to consider amplifier too.

    Hey thanks for the comment about MetroGuitar in Arlington! I have some things I need done and was going to post for a recommendation in the Arlington area. Cool!


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    I’m a huge Seymour Duncan fan and I have never been disappointed. The key is knowing exactly what you want and being familiar with their catalog. Same is true for any other brand obviously. So the more you describe what you want, the better we can help you. If not folks will just recommend what they know or heard of.

    The “Jazz” pickup is great but a total misnomer, not appropriate for stereotypical Jazz IMHO since it has no mods.

    My favorite is the SD Alnico II Pro which is very warm. The Seth Lover is also a favorite. I find the 59 too scooped but if you want clarity it’s a fine choice.

    SD also has a great return policy so if you install it and you don’t like it you can change it for what you want.

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    Metro Guitar is VERY good!
    Fast and great work with reasonable prices.

    Little tricky to navigate to....

    SD was a recommendation, so other than that......

    I would say a clean Warm tone, not muddy but not too bright.

    Using Quilter Mach 2
    12 inch speaker ...incredible amp for so many reasons...

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    +100 on the Seth Lover model. Simply outstanding tone. Have put them in several jazz guitars and they have been just what the Dr. ordered. Warm and articulate without being muddy at all. Crisp and clear without being icepicky. Great, distinct tone from each position. Classic and solid.

    I have the 59, Pearly Gates and others in other guitars. But for jazz, I love the Seths.

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    Another Seth Lover lover here. They make my L5 CES sound like the jazz guitar we all want.

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    one minor thing to consider: how do you play? knobs all full? or do you roll things back? i've read about more than one guy around these parts that like the duncans (or the benedettos), but because they work well with the volume rolled back a ways. they might even do that sort of thing better than other pickups, if legends are to be believed.

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    What is the sound difference between the Seth Lover and the SD Antiquity? I get that the Antiquity is aged, and built to be ‘old’.
    Are they different sounding for our archtop purposes?

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    Neck Jazz model Bridge 59 model. Seth Lover for both. Either way your good!