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    Looking for suggestions for preferred/reliable guitar polish and fretboard conditioner to use on my hollowbody (AF95RW | Ibanez Wiki | Fandom)?


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    Virtuoso for the polish, mineral oil for the fretboard. There are many varieties of the latter. I use Pledge Restore&Shine, mostly because it's what was on hand.

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    Fast Fret. Been using it on my L5 since i got it in ‘89. Fret board looks like new and its a good string cleaner. Nothing fancy and it has a cool applicator (which was wood till the OO’s and suddenly became plastic. Blah.)

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    So, I use Dr. Duck's for fretboard cleaning/conditioning; Benedetto polish; and I haven't tried it, but check out Stringjoy string conditioner [I do use their strings!].

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    Fast Fret works. It's mineral oil, like almost all the competing products. I have a container, and I've refilled it a few times with baby oil, which is mineral oil with a little perfume added, and it's cheap. If you're going to use mineral oil, baby oil is readily available almost anywhere, and it's usually straight mineral oil with some scent added. A bottle will last you several lifetimes. Fast Fret does make it somewhat more convenient to apply to the strings, however, and to the fretboard itself if you remove the strings. It's just personal preference as to which you use.

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    Didn’t know it was just mineral oil, but then again I never really looked. I like the applicator in that pressing down gets strings and fret board both. I try not to obsess too much, avoiding analysis paralysis
    Would be cool for the neck to smell like Johnson’s baby oil though)))

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    The applicator is an asset, and makes it easy to apply. The can says "specially formulated", but the only ingredient listed is white mineral oil. The baby oil smell doesn't really get into the wood, though, the odor quickly goes away.

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    +1 for Virtuoso and I use Gibson's "Luthier's Choice" fretboard conditioner.

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    I tried using Virtuoso cleaner and polish along with a lot of elbow grease; however, I can't seem to restore the smooth gloss feel of my guitar neck.

    I suspect this is from sweat when I played it outdoors. It feels bit sticky, even after a clean and polish.

    Any suggestions to restore the smooth feel?