View Poll Results: Are you currently in Buyer, Seller or Holder mode these days ?

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  • Buyer: I'm on the lookout for the next "One" or maybe two...or three....

    8 10.96%
  • Seller: got too many and it's time to make room for that Barca lounger I always wanted.

    9 12.33%
  • Holder: like Little Red Riding Hood's Portage, their collection is "just right".

    38 52.05%
  • Changes Daily: plan or attitude is always in a state of flux.

    18 24.66%
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    I've got one archtop I'd like to sell (Schaefer hollow body Fred Hamilton model - LET ME KNOW IF INTERESTED) and one solid body I might sell due to lack of use, but otherwise I like my other 4 archtops (3 at home, 1 at the office) even though I mostly play just 1 of them. They are all quite different, which I like. No plans to add more guitars.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GNAPPI
    Honestly, I'd like to thin the herd, but even when I list a git at a fair price, the potential buyer wants more off, sometimes stupid amounts off.
    ask for an unfair price and then let them bargain you down to the fair price.

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    I did that recently, for some contract work. They gave me the unfair price.

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    Technically a seller, but I can't bring myself to list any of the guitars I "should" sell, namely a Hofner Verythin John Stowell and an American Standard Strat.

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    I can't think of much of anything I bought thinking I'd sell it. Like, why buy it in the first place???

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    I used to be a player, not to any real accomplished level. I studied and was on my way, so to speak but in the end I didn't enjoy going through, what it would take to be a world class player.
    That and I was always more interest in composition. I learnt what I needed to and then moved on to other things.
    Mostly working to buy property so I didn't grow old and poor.

    That being said my passion for jazz guitars has never abated so I buy, sell, admire, learn, seek out, hunt down, meet people, hang out on this forum. It's a wonderful lifestyle that doesn't involve 8 hours a day of practice.

    I've currently got 9 guitars. All of which I've wanted to own. My goal is to own all the greatest jazz guitars ever made.
    I just need a few boomers to pass away so I can get my hands on their collections

    Kidding guys. You stay healthy.