View Poll Results: Is there a place for a rubber bridge guitar in jazz music?

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  • Yes, there’s room for any kind of guitar

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  • There is, but only in certain circumstances

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  • No, it doesn’t belong in jazz at all

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  • Never gave it any thought before today

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    I don’t typically listen to indie pop, but this article popped up in my Reverb feed:
    The Rubber Bridge Guitars Taking Over Indie Music | Reverb News

    Got me to wondering if this would make for some interesting jazz music, and I think it could. The problem is that so many of us are traditionally minded that we don’t seek out new sounds; it’s all about wanting to sound like Charlie Christian, Tall Farrow, Joe Pass, or some other guitar great from the pass (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!). But how many of us have our own sound? How do we define it, and how unique is it really?

    So I’m sharing it more for an open discussion, not to make a point that someone is right or wrong. More like how would you use the sound palette of a rubber-bridge guitar? I don’t think it would work for trad jazz (typically my preferred style), but it could work for most others. And not maybe for the only sound on a full jazz album, but it would work as a way to mix things up. So I’m going to consider getting one for me and seeing how I use it, when I get free money to try it.

    Can’t wait to get everyone else’s thoughts…

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    All my jazz performance I play exclusively on my Stratocaster, which has more sustain than needed for old jazz. My technique includes very slightly damping every note and chord I play, developed naturally so I don't even think about it - it's just enough to produce the right tone.

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    interesting wonder if combined with LaBella tapes what would happen?

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    It has potential. I wouldn't know how I might or might not use it until I had one in my hands. I used to do palm-muted stuff when I was a fusioneer, so it doesn't seem totally whack to me.

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    I use a 1958 Gibson Custom Shop Re Les Paul for my straight ahead and more harmonically adventurous jazz playing. I bend strings and try to get a kind of trebley sound unlike the sound of Wes for example. It cuts through the mix and sits nicely. For lil intimate duo gigs with a tenor/soprano sax I use my 17" Knight archtop which sounds fuller - like a cathederal in fact! Which is a long winded way of saying - yes explore different sounds.