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    Hello, I realize that we're not talking about a jazz guitar here (though who knows?), but rather than join an acoustic guitar forum, I thought that I would pose this question to the knowledgable folks here. I have a 2005 Martin Marquise OM 28 that I bought new and have taken good care of over the years. My aging fingers are getting kind of cranky, though, and the modified v neck on the Martin is now noticeably less comfortable than the rounded neck on my Eastman T146, so I am thinking of selling the Martin. However, I am having trouble setting a price, since so few of these guitars were made (I read somewhere only about a hundred) that they rarely come on the market, so I don't have a benchmark. I do know that they are well regarded. Anyone care to voice an opinion about a fair price? Thanks for your help. Vance


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    Six months back I was looking at buying one to make a change from my mahogany back/sides guitars (JM and 12-16GT). Prices asked then were around 3,250$, and I guess they actually sold for a bit less. Hope this helps.
    In the end I took another option and am now awaiting imminent delivery of an upright electric bass from Warwick in Germany......

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    I would think a no haggle price would be $2,900.00 if the guitar is in excellent condition. That seems to be a fair price for both buyer and seller, and would probably sell fairly quickly. The adirondack top is a significant price upgrade.

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    Hey post some pics please. It’s like describing how hot your girlfriend is, without showing us bikini pics.

    As far as the price, IDK, ~$3000 seems more than reasonable for a nice Martin, though what do I know? My only flattops have a hinged neck and 12 strings, respectively.

    I would think you could get some good comp prices on EBay and Reverb…not exactly your guitar, but similar, then factor in the unique aspects of yours to come up with a price.

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    You should join the acoustic forum; the community there will know the value. A good chance you could find a buyer there too because they are the exact audience you want to reach to sell this guitar.

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    Thanks for weighing in--your responses were along the lines that I was thinking, which is reassuring. So I spruced up the guitar, thinking I would take some pictures today, and then sat down to play it to make sure that I was ready to sell. Turns out that I'm not. I realized that my urge to sell was only partly a function of discomfort with the neck, and had as much or more to do with impatience with my current level of playing. I suspect this is not unusual. So until I am sure of my motivation for selling I'll sit tight and enjoy what I have. I'd hate to come to my senses down the road, and wish that I had been more thoughtful. Thanks again for your help.

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    Reverb-dot-com is a good resource for pricing information. Search for your guitar and see what people are asking. You'll get a good feel for what it's worth.

    Good luck with the sale.