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    OK, it all started with Julian Lage and his tweed champ. Next, Fender releases a reissue of the vibrochamp. And while I was at my local guitar shop, I had to try it of course. I liked the Fender a lot, but I thought I could get a better 5W amp for the same, or just slightly more money. I had already checked out the Little Gem that is made by a small amp builder here in The Netherlands. I had never seen it in person, but I called Floris Elfring and we had a nice chat. He said he also made a special version with a 10" Jupiter speaker and that one was available at TFOA (also in The Netherlands). I decided to give it a try and it's a fantastic sounding amp. There's a bit more headroom compared to the Fender, but you can still that slight breakup sound at reasonable sound levels.

    The controls are minimalistic, but I had no trouble dialing in a very nice, warm jazz tone. I haven't used any pedals yet, but next session I'll give it a try with my EQ.

    I had a Vibrolux which I traded for a Tonemaster DR. While the TM is a very good amp, a small tube amp is incredibly fun to play and it just feels different. It's roughly the same weight as the TM, but half the size. I think I will use it for rehearsals where the walking distance is short enough to carry it by hand, but I also might take it on a cart.

    I'm not sure I'll keep the TM. I also have a Little Jazz, for which I got a 2 x 8 cabinet for recently. I could use that cabinet with a higher power amp if I needed the headroom.

    The Little Gem has no line-out, so recording is tricky for me: I don't have microphones that are intended for that kind of stuff. You'll just have to believe me that it sounds terrific.

    BTW: that guitar cable fits the amp beautifully, but I didn't know that. My wife liked it better than me I think. Here's a link to the Elfring website: Amplifiers | Elfring Amps
    Elfring Little Gem-img_6178-jpgElfring Little Gem-img_6179-jpg


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    That is indeed a "Little gem." I myself just had my Vibro Champ re-tubed and am loving it. The matching cable (I love coil-cords) and grille-cloth is just priceless! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    I forgot to say that it comes with a nice padded cover. A lot thicker and sturdier compared to the standard Fender ones.

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    So while not same, if size and weight are the issue! I use a Quilter Aviator 1x8"combo that's 100 watts. It uses a Celestion TF 0818 p.a. speaker.

    It can definitely keep up with a loud drummer in a Pop band!

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    I just got back from a full week of playing with a band camp: 5 days 10 hours a day with a gig in the end. I brought the Elfring amp and a Little Jazz with 208 cabinet. I started the first day on the Elfring and I kept it pretty clean with a P90 equipped T64, with a not too loud drummer and 8 saxophone/trombone guys. Next day I switched to the Little Jazz because with the cabinet and a long cable I could provide the vocalist with a monitor. He said he never played with a guitar player that not only didn't play too loud, but also brought a monitor for him

    In the evenings there were jams where I played on the Elfring, also with a loud drummer. I had some breakup there of course, but it sounded so good that I've rediscovered tube amps.

    Most importantly (gear never is): even though I've been playing jazz for a short time, it was so rewarding to be able to comp on most standards. Fareed Hacque jazz comping survival course really helped a lot with that. I really had one of the best weeks ever. Now it's cold turkey going back to work.

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    Sounds like a blast!!

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    joe, any soundclips? would love to hear the amp!

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    I don't really have a decent mic for recording an amp, but I'll see what I can do.

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    Nice colour match between the cable and the grille cloth/amp handle. Can we assume that a matching guitar strap is in the works?
    I think this kind of attention to deail is a nice touch.
    Attached Images Attached Images Elfring Little Gem-gib-sg-purple-rig_9928-jpg 

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    I'm using a rather dull (but comfortable) strap from Mono or a brown wide leather padded strap from Levys. Good idea though.

    I have a rehearsal on the 30th. I'll ask our base player (and sound guy) to mic it up and record it.