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    They were in a ziploc bag with some other hardware. Any idea what they are? No markings anywhere on them. Found a bag of tuners while cleaning garage-7299aad1-6841-41e9-bf1c-18b8a440a238-jpg


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    Looks like generic tuners. I have a similar ones on my Venezuelan Cuatro.

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    Looks to me like a good pretext for buying a new fixer-upper!

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    Obviously you will need more parts, which fit that shell.

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    Generic low quality stamped metal tuners that should stay in the bag you found them in. We have a cookie tin full of these at the shop and they're all just a LITTLE bit different, and they all have some problem with the soft metal on the gear, the cheap plastic buttons breaking or the excessive amount of play that is inherent.
    The only purpose they serve us at the shop is to possibly find a match that isn't broken for a customer that can't afford an upgrade on the tuners or the guitar. It would seem that somebody that had the guitar they came on did decide to do better, so you have the tuners in a bag.
    Take the tuners to a nice guitar store. When they shake their heads, look on the wall, find the one you REALLY want and look at that little baggie as a sign from God.
    Good luck!