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    I have an Epiphone HS case that I bought when I had a semi hollow Dot Studio guitar. The Dot is gone and I have an Agile 820 (ES335 knockoff) that fits the case just fine. I recently acquired an Ibanez Artcore AF75 full hollow body that is about an inch thicker than the Agile (or Dot) at the lower bout...(2.75" vs 1.75"). The Artcore fits in the case just fine but the case padding is compressed on top and bottom for latching the case. I wonder if it is a good idea to use this case for the AF75 or not? I have a couple of acoustic (dread) size cases it will fit in using a towel...I don't gig or plan on taking the guitar out a lot but just wanted some opinions on this. Thanks


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    Hard to say but I don't think you want constant compression on the guitar top.

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    For me, it would depend on how much pressure the lid is putting on the top. A little is fine, and keeps the guitar from moving and being damaged by shock. It's impossible to feel how much pressure is being applied, or how hard you have to press to lock the lid. It's a judgement call, and you'll have to use yours.

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    I would get an acoustic guitar case. I flew to and from France round trip twice and from Nice to Geneva round trip with my Ibanez AF71F (a bit smaller than your AF75) in a guitar case that fits standard size acoustic guitars. I just used clothing and shirts to make sure there was zero movement inside of the case.

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    Yep, I have a decent hard shell acoustic case already and a very nice extremely thick (one of the best I've seen) Breedlove acoustic gig bag with an adjustable padded neck support. I'll use one or the other when I take the Artcore to a jam or small gig, just throw some towels inside to prevent excess movement. I did have to push down about 1/2 inch to latch the Epiphone hard case and after doing it a couple of times decided it might be too much pressure on the top of the full hollow sound chamber, strings and bridge of the archtop Ibanez guitar...

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    The Ibanez AF100C case (made by TKL) is a perfect fit for the AF series guitars, and is very reasonably priced:

    Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars | Musician's Friend

    MF is also currently offering a discounted price if you call and ask for it rather than ordering via the website. I was able to get one of these cases for my AF95FM for under $70 shipped.

    The TKL cases are very nice. I have several different "branded" ones, and they're pretty much identical except for which guitar company's logo is printed on the outside. For some reason, the Ibanez ones are less expensive than the same exact case with a different company's logo... which is fine by me, since most of my jazz guitars are Ibanez.

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    I finally dug out the Breedlove premium acoustic gig bag from the back of my case closet (didn't want to buy a new case and small apt case closet is full) and with the extra padded inserts that came with the case (under headstock and beneath lower bout) my new AF75 fits snug as a bug....for my purposes (no big gigs, maybe the retirement home or community center and small jams) this gig bag works a treat...sorry about the initial question (if kind of dumb) but I just wanted opinions, thanks for providing some....I took a pic (a little blurry, phone & old guy, I know the foam piece is still under the bridge), I just love this guitar, even though it is budget (that's all I own, budget equipment-retired, fixed income) for me it is beautiful and sounds great...I have a set of flatwound chromes to install but the action and fit and finish were excellent....now I just have to work (really, really) on my basic jazz chops...

    Question about fitting Artcore AF75 in case...-artcore-af75-jpg
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    I had an early AF-75. Loved it. BTW that is a darned nice tailpiece!