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    Maybe some of You have seen my project where I have built 1W amp head trying to emulate Blackface tone (Black mini amp thread). As I mentioned somewhere in the old thread, this architecture works so nicely, that I decided to start new project using the same method, but with different amp style and some more features. So it is going to be as follows:


    • About 1W power th same as before (as a power amp I use simple LM386 based headphone amp bought as complete board)
    • Built in headphone/recording out with adjustable speaker emulation (I play mostly in headphones) - this circuit
    • Output for external speaker
    • Effects loop (this time parralel, not series)
    • Two channels (and here it gets interresting )

    1. CLASSIC: Basing on this circuit: link, that is emulating sound of old Fender tweed Princeton using FET transistors instead of tubes. I am keeping the same original tone stack, that is interactive with volume control. So on this channel you adjust the gain using Volume knob for the old amp vibes
    2. MODERN: The same as above, but by modifying bias levels of transistors, this circuit has loads of gain. Moreover to make it more tight and actually modern I have added top boost before the circuit. Different from the classic channel, here we have the Gain knob. So generally we can say that this channel is trying to emulate kind of high gain and modernized tweed style sound
    • Channel selection from the pannel or using footswitch

    At the moment I am actually quite advanced with the project. Both channels are working and are adjusted. Power amp and cab simulation is also fine. Next steps are adding fx loop and footswitch. Main parts of the box are also ready, they just must be finnished to look fancy (grill cloth and leather imitation). You can see some pictures from the process below. I hope You'll find the thread usefull or at least entertaining
    All the best!

    3D render of CAD design
    render 2
    Some materials and parts
    Before drilling pannels
    Ready front pannel
    Part of enclosure ready for boards


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    This looks like an interesting project slusar!

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    Time for little update
    • Elements of the amp are soldered together (connections between different boards, jacks, etc.)
    • Everything seems to be working just fine and sound is really satisfying on both channels
    • I needed to add some low pass filter to the output to heaphones. This amplifier circuits basing on LM386 seems to be pretty noisy
    • Enclosure is also ready now I need to assemble everything together
    • Footswitch is completed. It changes chanllels between classic and modern and diode on it changes color green/red accordingly

    Before I am done with final assembly and testing I am sharing a picture of footswitch and fron part of the amp with grill clotch
    Enclosure front part