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    Hello, my name is Carlo from ITALY, my new guitar is yamaha sa2200 with boss 100 mk2. What is your experience with this guitar? Defects? Benefits? Thanks and sorry for my language.


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    A super fine guitar, I still regret selling mine years ago. Auguri e tanta gioia!


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    They are awesome guitars. Ciao!

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    I'm not sure what the differences are between the SA models but the 2100 is known to have finish "ghost" shadows. Other than that, they're GR8 lookers, players and sound excellent.

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    Among the finest semi hollow bodies made, by any standard. Also one of the most overlooked in the crowded world of really good guitars of this type. Their construction has always been consistently top quality and their electronics uncompromising. Very solid professional instruments. I think you'll be happy with it.

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    Never owned the SA2200 but I have owned two SG2000 from the 80s and they were incredible guitars. Really regret selling, they have quadrupled in value. Yamaha makes excellent guitars.

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    I have Fenders, PRS SE, Ibanez and Eastman in my music room and all get played regularly, but the one I pick up the most is my Yamaha SA2200. It is rock solid, great neck, stays in tune and it sounds great for any style from clean jazz thru blues to fusion.

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    I agree. The SA2200 is a great semi-acoustic guitar.

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    Thanks for your answers, I was undecided but now I'm happy with my choice

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    The SA2200 is a great guitar. If their necks were a bit thicker, I would seriously consider buying one.

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    Mount Alnico v pick up Do you like the Alnico 5 sound?

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    I think they sound great. Some people think that they are a bit hot. Consider the era they harken back to... I find Alnico 5 magnet pickups in general to be no problem.

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    The SAH-SAIG pickups are quite strong. I had mine changed to Seymour Duncans. Mellower for jazz but the coil split became useless. Keep the originals and just screw the neck PU a bit deeper. In bocca al lupo!

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    If I didn't own an excellent 1980 Ibanez AS200 the Yamaha would be high on my shopping list. Great guitars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray175
    If I didn't own an excellent 1980 Ibanez AS200 the Yamaha would be high on my shopping list. Great guitars!
    What difference did you hear between Ibanez and Yamaha?