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    Bought one to see what all the noise is about. Initial impression- this was a mistake but now I know. But I persisted and now love it. Got the right handed speed bevel version. The bevel is only extends about 1/4” off the tip so there’s plenty of round edge if I don’t want the sharp attack. The firmness of this DuPont material is astounding- it ain’t flexing or wearing- what you bought is how it’s going to be, forever. The amount of energy it transmits to the strings makes it easy play. Love it on my 175 and flattops not so much on the Strat. Probably get one of the 2.0mm Jazz III next.


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    I find that the 40 or 50 is great for the jazz guitar and flattop, but I use a 35 for the strat and other guitars with lighter gauge strings.

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    I have a TD60, and it's great for rhythm work. A little thick for some sounds, though. I have Blue Chip picks of 40, 50, 55, and 60 mil, and they each have a slightly different sound. IME the thickness makes more difference than the shape. I have some jazz, large jazz, teardrop, and triangle/1 rounded corner shapes, different strokes for different strums, and I like them all, for one reason or another. The 50 may be the most versatile, but it's all close. Fortunately, I've paid for only a couple of them, the rest being gifts.

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    I've used the KS60 unbeveled for years. The KS has rounded corners. I've also tried the KS40 but it's way too thin for me. The KS50 can be useful for when the room/amp is muddy.

    Beveled vs. unbeveled makes a big difference IMO.

    Have also tried the small Jazz60 but pointy picks don't work well with my picking technique. Nice pick though.