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    I have decided to start mixing in some play on my archtops rather than limiting myself to my classical guitars. I have an Eastman AR-905CE (carved top) that is a nice guitar, but a little bit bright too my ears. I am currently using John Pearse Jazz Medium Nickel Wound, set #2700 (at least that is what my notes say). 12-52's are my default choice, but I am not wedded to that.

    What would folks suggest (I assume flatwounds to start with) to warm this guitar up - thanks.



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    Try Thomastik Infeld Jazz Bebop 13-53 gauge roundwound strings. On my archtops they sound great.

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    I put some D'addario Chrome flatwounds (ECG series) on my Collins Eastside LC, as an experiment.
    They will certainly tone down the high end for you. They also feel really slick.
    Changing strings is the easiest way to experiment with different guitar tone.

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    Thomastiks are great. Super soft and very refined feeling. They last forever.

    I am also a fan of Curt Mangan flats. Different from Thomastik.
    I would say they feel less refined, but they have lots of character.

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    Thanks for the responses - other input is welcome. dave

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    Try pyramid nickel classics hand polished. I find they are quite warm and usually work well on a "brightish" guitar.

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    One more for Thomastik Jazz Swings. I put a .012 set on an Eastman AR905 before I sold it to a friend. We both liked the tone.

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    D’Addario Chromes. They mellow the highs of a Telecaster (I use 11-50 on mine), impart a glorious warmth to a Les Paul (12-52), and give a wonderfully full tone to my L50 (13-56), sort of warm and bright at the same time.

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    Thanks for the comments. Some D'Addario Chromes and TI JS113's are on the way. dave