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    Quote Originally Posted by ronjazz
    I'm preferring A, and you probably should decide which guitar to make your main one and get rid of the other. It's hard, but really helps to focus on making sure you have a sonic signature. It's why I went to the Godin Multiac 7 some years ago: I wanted to sound like myself. I recently bought a Gretsch Streamliner Jr. for the same reason: when I'm playing in a group and need an "electric" sound, I want more clarity and versatility than a standard humbucker setup will afford me. Plus the Bigsby is a new exploration that I'm enjoying.
    I've actually done that twice in the last 8 years and ended up with the same guitar both times: the one I used for the A sample. That's not a guitar I could ever get rid of if only because it's all that remains of my time designing and building guitars. But I am almost certainly on the verge of getting rid of a couple of guitars. My own truth is that I always play just one guitar for long stretches of time and I switch when life gets boring or overwhelming. Ultimately I make almost all of them sound almost the same anyway.


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    i used a headphone and had no real preference.

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    With cheap speakers and bad hearing, I like A a little more. A little mellower.

    But, they're both good.

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    Listening over Grado SR325e headphones, I preferred B. I thought the frequency pallet was broader and more balanced, but it could be it just had relatively more bass. It might also have been compressed differently or slightly louder than A. Whatever the reason, I preferred B.

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    Some really interesting and well considered response. Thank you all for the input. (I also posted it on the Gear Page and got some input there as well, although none of it as detailed as what some of you here have provided).

    My decision is made. I'm going with A. As 6V6ster noted, there's a low end hump around 200 HZ but that shouldn't be very hard to fix with an EQ and as Jimmy Blue Note and RonJazz have noted, this is ad much about being decisive and committed as it is about the actual guitars involved.

    The guitar in A has been my #1 guitar for almost 10 years (with a huge number of experiments coming and going over those years). It's incredibly stable. Very quiet. Easy to record (although I'm always going to have to EQ the low end) and with the combination of the 25.5" scale length, the fairly deep and round neck profile and extra wide spacing, I feel like I actually play better with it. (Which make sense since I designed it specifically top match my playing needs).

    I also tried a version C with the Vola. It also feels really good and sounds great but the single coil pickup is much noisier than my Gosling and microphonic enough that any contact with a nail comes out in the recording.

    A favorite book of mine says "If it's not practical it's not spiritual" and the most practical choice seem to be the Gosling in A. And maybe RonJazz is right and I should just focus on one guitar and not worry about the rest. At least I'm going to give that a try for now and see how it goes. So thanks again to everyone for the help.