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    I just got this guitar. It belonged to my father (Sy Zucker).

    I bought it for him in 2018 and at the same time, I bought myself one which I no longer have.

    Dad played this guitar for a couple years before switching over to Uke due to joint problems. He started playing guitar after 80+ years of playing woodwinds and 60+ years playing bass. He took lessons with Scott Giambusso and was working his way through William Leavitt's Modern Method for guitar.

    Seeing this guitar again just floods me with memories. He was the most loving, masterful, encouraging and inspiring person I've ever met and he taught me everything about life, love, music and equality for all.
    The fact that he was 91 when he started playing (he died at 94) and still learning and growing musically and intellectually (not to mention spiritually) should be an inspiration to us all.

    Fly on dad.


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    That's a great story, and those are nice guitars!

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    What a touching story and how beautifully told.

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    May it bring you many smiles Jack.

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    Talk about MoJo!
    Nice. I look forward to watching you play something special for him on it.
    Hope fully you can share something like that with us.

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    I’m so sorry to hear about your father. He was obviously a real lover of music. I’m sure you will have many happy memories of him when you play this beautiful guitar.

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    Jack, Play it with love. It will always have a connection to your Dad. My Dad didn't play guitar...he played organ although he frankly wasn't very good but he enjoyed playing it. But he was a very talented naval architect, sailor, pilot and wood worker so I ended up with a number of his tools and instruments. Every time I use one of his tools, I think of him. I can almost feel the connection flowing from the tool to my soul. Enjoy and cherish the memory.

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    very nice guitar, even nicer words. your dad sounds like he was a great man. fly on

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    Put your fingers right where he put his . . .

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    You were blessed to have this father watching over you. Whatever the age they pass away, it is always too soon and always the same sorrow. I lost mine when I was just 22 as it happened brutally. I remember one of our last conversation where he asked me to teach him guitar. If only life could have given us this possibility. Now I feel lucky to make music with my elder son. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story.