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    I recently decided to empty a lock-up where I had been storing stuff pending a house move. Amongst my guitar related things, I found a nice butterscotch ash Tele body originally from a MIM Fender that I have modified so much it hardly has any original parts on it, including the body. Anyway, the body is virtually pristine and noting that it is routed to accommodate a neck humbucker as well as the traditional single coil, I decided to make it a vehicle for a humbucker sized CC type pickup (from The Creamery in the UK), that I have hanging around. It doesn't seem right to leave the bridge rout vacant which of course is normal Tele single coil size, so I am now trying to decide which bridge pickup to pair with the CC. I could pair it with a conventional Tele bridge (I have a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro available), but in the spirit of experimentation, which I am known to embrace wholeheartedly, I am considering other options including a Tele-sized P90 or a humbucker such as the Seymour Duncan Li'l 59. Currently, I am probably leaning towards a P90 type, as I don't have any guitars with a P90 pickup.

    I will be grateful for any additional ideas, insights or random thoughts that the forum can add.


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    There are CC-type pickups for the Tele bridge position. Tim Lerch plays them, so it's probably Lollar who makes them.

    A cheap alternative:

    Roswell Pickups CHCB Charlie Christian Tele Bridge Black | DV247 | en-GB

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    You could also try this: Tele Bridge Pickup | TK Smith

    Designed for use with a CC or one of TK's CAR pickups.

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    Pair it with something else from Creamery. Sometimes mixing brands (and their outputs) makes for a mis-matched set, which isn't always good.

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    Ask the Creamery what they would recommend?

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    I'm starting to think about a Creamery P90 for Tele. I feel I should support a (relatively) local business.

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