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    Came back from the store with this sweety a couple of days ago. Guild OM-120! All solid mahogny, made in China (like alot of other great guitars are nowdays) and plays like a dream. The finish is so shiny you can literaly see your reflection in it, and the wood grain is to die for!

    I intend to use it for my singer-songwriter solo stuff, and hopefully do some gigs with when covid is over. But I just could'nt help myself, and record some jazz with it today! Way to little jazz is made on flat tops in my opinion!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Nice. Enjoy. I may have to get one!

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    Orchestra size guitars are the best flat top acoustics! Enjoy!

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    Sweet guitar and playing! Thanks for the clip. Enjoy that thing!

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    Sweet! Congratulations, and play it in good health!