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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Pretty little thing. I'll bet it sounds nice. The cool thing about the Specials is that they don't weigh a ton. Effortless to play.

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    Oh cool ... I've never been a fan of TV Yellow, so Pelham blue is a nice surprise.

    I also dig that it doesn't come with a wrap around bridge ... Assuming it's not overpriced I'd buy this in a heartbeat ...

    That is if I already didn't own a high end LP special type guitar with two P90s

    I still might consider it down the road .. My current "LP special" is strung with round 10s, could well use another strung with heavier flats as a supplement.

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    Neat! I fear it will be stupidly over-priced. If by a miracle it isn't it could become my first 2x P90 guitar.

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    I like everything about it except the shape. It doesn't *look* like an LP ... sigh ...

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