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  • Roland JC 22

    6 15.00%
  • DV Mark Little Jazz

    27 67.50%
  • DV Mark Jazz 12

    7 17.50%
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    So i am in the market for a new bedroom amp under 500€. I am from eu so i will be ordering from thomann or buying in a local store if i am able to find them. Due to corona restrictions i can't really test them so here I am asking you guys for your opinion. I will be using the amp almost exclusivly at home. I will also be buying hx stomp along with it so i can get some basic effects so maybe consider how well the amp could take the pedals aswell(i don't have any pedals as of now). I will be playing on warm jazzy tone 95% of the time, but also want to be able to get some medium gain tones for shredding (with the help of the hx stomp). If you have any further questions or recommendations feel free to ask!


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    If you 're using sounds other than jazz also, more so an hx stomp, i would get an amp with a 12' speaker, as they are more versatile and support a bigger variation of sounds and guitars than the ones with smaller speakers (even 10's). I would add the Boss Katana to the ones you are considering.

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    The Little Jazz is a wonderful amp. It sounds much bigger than it is, and takes up very little space. I bought it for the portability, but I use it at home since portability has become rather unimportant. I have bigger amps and cabinets, but I still like the Little Jazz. I don't think it's possible to find a better amp for the money.

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    I have, and regularly use, a Little Jazz and a Roland JC55 - an older one.

    I use the LJ by itself and, if I need more volume or dispersion, I add the JC55. I used to gig with just the JC55, but now I rarely use it by itself--playing backyard music with friends. When gigs restart I might use the JC55 alone for big band.

    So, to compare. The LJ is a very warm sounding amp. I think it sounds terrific. I just posted a clip of it in the Improvisation section of this forum. I've used it, by itself, in some big rooms with 4 horns (not individually mic'ed) and it was loud enough.

    The JC55 is a little more glassy. I don't think many people would describe it as especially warm in comparison to the LJ, although I liked it well enough.

    The JC55 has 2 8" speakers and 2x25 watts, despite the name.

    The JC22 is 30 watts. The difference between 50 watts and 30 watts is less than the numbers make it sound. But, it has 6.5" speakers which probably don't make it any warmer, I'd guess.

    The LJ has an 8" speaker.

    Bottom line: You have to listen to these yourself in the context you're going to use them. Ask the retailer if you can buy both and return one or both.

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    I've been getting a case of GAS for that Little Jazz. Just seems to sound so good in every clip I hear. They are quite expensive around here, I don't understand the difference in price with Europe and the States and here in Canada...

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    I have had both a JC22 and a Little Jazz. They do different things in my book. The JC22 is very versatile and good for your occasional shredding exploits and can be used in stereo with an HX stomp, so is a great FX vehicle. I didn't find a great straight ahead jazz tone with mine, but you may be able to rectify that by experimenting with the HX. The JC22 does have the trademark JC hiss ! I flipped mine for a Nextone as my do everything amp.

    I still have the Little Jazz and use it exclusively with my archtops for "that" jazz tone. It is really great for that purpose, but not much else - I have not ever got a good tone out of it with OD pedals, but, as always, YMMV. If you are after a bedroom amp and play straight ahead jazz for 95% of the time, then my personal advice would be to buy the LJ, I doubt that you would be disappointed. If you are only shredding 5% of the time, then plug a pair of headphones into the HX stomp when that particular muse visits until you can afford a second amp - as previously recommended, the Katanas are great all-rounders, especially for that sort of thing .

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    A few years ago I bought a VOX Mini5 Rhythm as practice amp for home using. It has 5 Watts, which can be also reduced to 1 or 0,1 Watt. Also you got a Rhythm section, an input for a microphone to sing with own effects, Aux input and because you also can run the amp with batteries, you can play wherever you want. You can get also a nice warm jazz sound with the Tweed or Black amp simulations.
    More infos here: Mini5 Rhythm - Vox Amps

    Roland JC-22 vs DV Mark Little Jazz/Jazz 12-mini5r_gallery_800x600_9-jpg

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    I voted for the Little Jazz because it is a great little amp, but really there are so many small amps that are great for practice.
    Yamaha THR series, Roland Cube series, all kinds of small tube amps, etc.

    I love small amps and have a few -- really too many !!! LOL but they all work well and sound good.

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    I recommend the new Quilter Aviator Cub. I got mine from Musicians Friend for $480 (with a 20% off coupon). Best SS amp I have played and only 22 lbs.

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    The LJ gets my vote. It does really grow on you. I have a nice custom tube amp that gets very little use since the LJ came to play.

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    The LJ has been a lot more than a bedroom amp for me.

    I've used in with an octet in a huge room -- and was told it sounded fine in the back of the room.

    I've used it with a 19 pc big band in a relatively small performance space (maybe sat 50) and there were no complaints. I did think, though, that it was stretched to its limit.

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    my "bedroom" amp is a Roland Microcube. It's what I leave in my office and is perfect for practicing.

    I haven't played the Little Jazz myself, but I've read lots of good things on this forum. I don't think you can really go wrong with that one. Since you're playing 95% "warm jazzy" I'd check that one out first.

    See if you can purchase from a place with a no hassle return policy.

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    I’d go JC-22. The LJ is very sensitive to position. One place it’ll sound poo move it r tilt is and it might sound ok. Wasn’t impressed by the digital reverb at all either. Sold mine after a couple of weeks.

    The Roland does have a bit of hiss but only really noticeable when not actually playing. Great stereo chorus and very loud if need be!
    I actually had it running alongside a little 15 watt tube amp via an aby pedal and with a bit of overdrive on the tube and the JC pristine clean it was a glorious sound.

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    The Jazz 12 gets my vote. I bought mine six years ago after A/B’ng it against the LJ. The extra warmth of the 12” speaker won me over, and it’s still a compact amp. The only pedal I have used with it is an old MXR Distortion Plus (and that rarely) which sounded really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobjangles
    I’d go JC-22. The LJ is very sensitive to position. One place it’ll sound poo move it r tilt is and it might sound ok. Wasn’t impressed by the digital reverb at all either. Sold mine after a couple of weeks.

    The Roland does have a bit of hiss but only really noticeable when not actually playing. Great stereo chorus and very loud if need be!
    I actually had it running alongside a little 15 watt tube amp via an aby pedal and with a bit of overdrive on the tube and the JC pristine clean it was a glorious sound.
    I have also noticed that it's sensitive to position. Fortunately, I've been happy with the amp flat on the floor in every case. Others report preferring tilting it. I have noticed that you can't put it too close to a wall. There's a port in back and a nearby wall affects it.

    The digital reverb sounds fine to me at low levels. Past 10 o'clock or so on the dial it starts to sound unnatural. My son likes it, I don't. I add reverb with my pedalboard and end up happy with the sound.

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    DV Mark Little Jazz

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    Another vote for the lj. I didn’t expect much but it gets more playtime then my 74 deluxe reverb (which I love).

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    Thanks for you help guys! I actually met someone that has a jc 22 and i will be testing it out in a few weeks and see how I like it. Ofc if I will love the sound i will be buying it otherwise i will get the LJ or jazz 12 as most of you guys recommended (probably jazz 12 tho because i heard it is basicaly a LJ with a bigger speaker and i don't mind the extra space it needs for a bit better sound even tho LJ got 65% of the votes xD). I will tell you what i went for when i'll decide!

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    Somewhere on line there's a video of a comparison between the LJ and the Jazz 12.

    I can't explain the following, but it's true for me. I play the LJ with the bass rolled all the way down and sometimes wish I could lower it further.

    I think the 12 sounds a little fuller, but, for my application and taste, I'm not sure it's the better choice. In other words, I don't think you can assume that the bigger speaker will give you a better sound.

    I think you have to play them both.

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    Another one for the DV Little Jazz.

    I do own the 112 Neoclassic small cab from DV that I need when playing with a big band or just to add more bottom end.

    But I must admit, the Little Jazz sounds better alone. At least with an archtop.

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    I have the DV Mark Micro II head which I use to drive an Emi 12" in a home made cab. I am very happy with this combination of both clean and slightly tuby at my finger tops should a 2 piece solution ever be considered. Nice sound and dead quiet at rest btw, which I find myself more and more sensitive to as I grow older.

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    +1 on the Little Jazz
    Bought it mainly because I wanted something small to take to rehearsals etc.
    It's a great sounding amp, and capable of being quite loud if needed.
    The reverb is a bit strange sounding at higher settings but if set low it sounds good.

    I've done a few bigger gigs with it where I've used the line out to FOH and it sounded great. The sound-man thought I was joking when I walked in with this tiny little amp. He was really impressed by how good it sounded.

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    I have and love both DVs. I keep the 12” on stage at the club where I’m the house band leader and use it for all jazz shows plus blues on my archtops (jump, swing etc). I leave it in the back line in case any of the touring acts who play there wants to use it - but AFAIK, no one but me and one harmonica player has done so. The alternatives in the back line are a silver face Vibrolux, a tweed Blues Deluxe, a Peavey Bandit, and a recently added CS PRRI. I often use the Vibrolux or the PRRI when playing a solid body, but that’s just for fun and a change of pace. I voted for the 12 in the poll because it does so much so well, brings out the best in pedals, and is a great all purpose amp. And for these reasons, the 12 was bought about 2 years before the LJ.

    I bought the LJ because they sound so good, put out so much sound, and are light as feathers - and I can now leave the 12 at my regular gig and take the Little Jazz from home for almost all outside gigs. I either add my RevSound 8” cab as an extension or run in stereo with LJ on one side and my Elf driving the RevSound on the other when using my Roland synthesizer or playing with a large or loud group. The LJ delights me, my band mates, and audiences every time with every guitar.

    Yes, floor placement boosts the bass - but this is true for any amplifier. I carry a rubber door stop and wedge the front up with it, which smooths out the “boundary effect”. If you want more bottom, put it flat on the floor a few inches away from a wall. If you want less, put it on a chair. These effects are audible but far from deal breakers with any of these choices.

    I do love the JC as well. It has a great clean, jazzy sound and is built like a tank. I’ve owned several Roland amps over the years and was happy with every one. You can’t go wrong with any of your choices.

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    I couldn't resist the temptation to snag a DV Mark Little Jazz when it was on sale. Cannot compare it side by side with the Roland, but I am really enjoying the DV. Great sound, plenty of volume when needed and the "schlepp factor" is outstanding, which my ageing back really appreciates.

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    I got a JC 40 and the clean sound it's fine, but a little bright for me (I think it is because the speakers), too much high response end for my taste.
    Now I hav a DV Little Jazz and I think it's sound awseome. The reverb needs a mor eficent control but in small quantities it's ok.