I've had this amp for a few years. At first I loved it, then I went chasing tube tone and it ended up stuck in a closet.

More recently, my guitar playing has moved to mostly acoustic. I dusted off the Schertler Giulia and I am super impressed!

It has such a clear and rich tone. Basically a Frfr approach with good tone controls & nice reverb. It works great with my more recent acoustic oriented sound. I don't think it's optimal for a tele or with a 175 I prefer some tube warmth, but it shines with my ancient L7 and all of my flat tops. Sounds good with my flute too !!! A very transparent spatial sound. My 34' L7 sounds perfect through this amp set flat with only a hint of reverb. Just perfect. I think the bi-amped approach lends a little extra dimension to the sound.

It's a small, good looking, well built amp. I can't believe I forgot about it !!!! I don't know how loud it goes, but it sure does offer up a sweet sound. It feels a little like playing guitar through a nice stereo unit -- same sound as guitar just louder. Not cheap -- I was lucky to get mine on close out clearance at a local dealer. It's my new/old amp sound in the practice room these days.

Anyway, Schertler does make some cool stuff.