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    Quote Originally Posted by guavajelly
    Great plan. A friend of mine lives in a van full time for years now and he loves it. He is a software developer and can work with a laptop and internet connection. He also has a video blog about his mobile lifestyle: JayBe Outdoor TV - YouTube
    My brother and sister in law live on a boat – he's retired. Both seem very happy with their life on the road and on the sea.
    I think robustness should be the number one to consider. A solidbody or thinline tele or a laminated guitar will work. A rugged finish is a thing to consider. Another thing to consider is the strings. I brought an acoustic guitar for my sister in law and when I visited again a year later the strings were all rusty – living on the water is brutal for all metals. I should have strung it with coated strings.
    If space is an issue you could also think about a headless guitar. The new Strandberg Sälen Jazz was the first thing that came to my mind. OTOH I'd just take the guitar you like to play most. As long as it isn't too delicate you should be able to enjoy it everywhere you go.
    Thanks for the good advice!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobomov
    You're asking for something that sounds great, can take a bit of punishment if need be and is easy and cheap to replace given theft?

    Isn't the obvious answer a Telecaster?
    That is indeed the most obvious answer.

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    I'm selling most of my ukes, except my Godin electro uke.
    With the money I get from selling, I ordered (I might have waited till I really sold them, but anyway) a Romero Creations D Ho 6 string nylon. One turned up at Thomann and I jumped at it, knowing that these things are often out of stock in no time. If I like it, the acoustic part is covered. I can play that thing while my wife is driving the RV.

    As far as electric, it might be the Tele, or the T64, or the Romeo. The PM100 will be one of the few things that I'll store with a family member.

    For the rest, I'll sell all my stuff. Storage space is very expensive here and I have few things of value.