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    I’m thinking about ordering a nice archtop from the talented Mr Wu.
    Doing some research the below links come up. Is anyone familiar with them? There are a heck of a lot of archtop for sale on this site. Thanks Bill
    410 Gone
    410 Gone


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Those are just different versions of the same company website. Yolandateam is Ms Lora. She fronts for multiple builders, being the English-speaking interface. You give her the details of what you want and she works with the builder or factory. You can specify the builder if you want. I've used her for a couple of Wu builds. He's slightly more expensive than the factory, but I think he's worth it. AFAIK Yolandateam has little or no stock on hand, working with customers for custom builds. If you want a ready-to-go factory-built guitar, AliExpress or equivalent is probably the place to go. I prefer getting exactly what I want even though it takes much longer. I've been happy with all my dealings with Yolandateam, no complaints at all.

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    Go through Ms Lora. Order specifically what you want. Don’t just buy something off a shelf. Ms Lora will ensure your exact needs are met. Isn’t that what you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vcd33238
    I’m thinking about ordering a nice archtop from the talented Mr Wu.
    Doing some research the below links come up. Is anyone familiar with them? There are a heck of a lot of archtop for sale on this site. Thanks Bill
    410 Gone
    410 Gone
    Mighty good advice, above!

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    Ok, so I’m thinking about the Mr Wu order.
    Below. Is Lora’s response for my request of a 17” archtop with no electronics.
    It looks like when it’s all done , in my hands, and I install a floater it will around $2000-$2500?
    I’m just on the fence on weather or not I should go to “guitars and jazz” in summet New Jersey and actually play and Eastman ar 810 or 910 first.
    I could get one of them for that price?
    but not custom.
    At least there I’d have my hands around that neck and my ears to the sound of it. But Mr Wu pics and stories posted here sure seem real tempting .

    Thanks guys for the support , this is all new to me.
    Hi, William,

    For Mr Wu guitar, it needs 1600USD/PC including shipping cost and coming with a hard case.

    If you need open body mold, it needs 150USD extr cost,
    Specail tailpiece: 50USD extra cost
    special pickguard: 30USD extra cost
    Fretboard inlays : 50USD extra cost
    head logo: 30USD extra cost.

    Please check there are more photos for our guitars, please choose one basic model and more details you requests. i will quote best price for you.

    Any other questions, please feel free to email me anytime.



    Half deposit needed before making guitars and balanced payment against finished guitar photos.

    Shipping cost needs 180USD around. And mild fees needs 150USD


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    If I were to invest over $2K in a Chinese instrument I’d want to play it before committing, or at least have a trusted acquaintance play it. I have two Eastmans, but I played each before buying and it seemed like they chose me. :-)

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    I have two Wu guitars. Probably more since a couple of my Yunzhi's were likely made by him before he went solo. I like them better than the Eastman's I've played in terms of workmanship (frets, binding, et al). The nitro finish has also held up IMHO better. Eastman's often have dings/cracks in the finish. Just my experience so hardly conclusive but the Wu's have held up well over the years. Also, Wu guitars sound better to me. Eastman's are great but they always seemed to have more emphasis on the treble end than either my Yunzhi or Wu guitars which are also based on Benedetto designs. On the other hand Eastman will have better resale because they are broadly distributed. May not seem important now but might be later.

    As for the playing it first... because it's Chinese.. really? We put that one to bed a decade ago. Wu is a known source and has an outstanding reputation for materials and workmanship. And while I know playing sub $2K guitars first was a thing in 1971, not so much now. And even back when, there was no way to play a custom guitar before it was built.

    Checking history on any maker is a good idea. And when you have a custom guitar made there will be some chance you won't like it. And Eastman is likely safer because they are easier to sell. But $2K for a hand carved custom archtop made to your spec's is still a screaming deal. And Wu makes a great guitar.

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    Here are some of my suggestions, all MHO, and all based upon my recent experience with my L-7 acoustic - ( disappointments included )

    1. if you can go to G & J ( and any other dealers out there ) absolutely do it, and play a few !.....The East Coast has been archtop heaven for decades, and you could very well stumble on one easier out there than anywhere else in the US...
    2. While you're at those dealers, ask them these two questions :
    I. How much they'd charge to install a floating p/u, on a instrument you'd bring in and then
    II. How much they'd charge to install a humbucker.....
    I mention the h/b cut-and-install because I am guessing none of them will do it, despite the fact that they probably once did.......And the floater install is basically a no-brainer for almost any decent luthier.......And I kept thinking you're considering having an instrument built which could easily be braced for a HB pre-production, but which cannot be retrofitted later......I don't know if Mr Wu builds instruments for HB's but I'd sure ask !
    3. So - - what I'm suggesting is rule out a humbucker first, because if all you have built is an acoustic guitar for a later floater installation, that's all you'll ever have.

    Hope this helps and hope it makes sense. Good luck !
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    My 18” Wu that was requested without electronics. I had a Biltoft installed after it arrived. Would I trade that guitar for an Eastman? Not on your life!

    Mr Wu archtops and Hotman Guitars?-b46b74fe-a46a-4130-9cfa-7ed0c81df316-jpeg

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    I've had an Eastman, and I have two Wus. I sold the Eastman. It's a fine guitar, but the Wu is better. And I have another Wu under construction. I decided the guitar I got wasn't perfect for me. It's exactly what I ordered, but I want a 17" archtop with a 1-11/16ths nut width. I started with a 16" with 1.75" nut, and while it's a great guitar, I just want something for chunking chords, and I can afford it, so it's coming sometime in the future. I bought my first Wu off ebay on a whim, putting in a bid I didn't at all expect to be successful, but it won and I had to pay up. It's also an excellent guitar, but it's an 18" Super 400 copy, and just too big for me to play very long. But both guitars are first-rate in quality and sound. I ordered another because everyone knows that the optimum number of guitars is just one more.

    The statement that the resale value is less than an Eastman is probably true. But I don't buy guitars to sell.

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    Guys thanks so much for the wealth of info.
    There are some beautiful guitars on this site built here by Mr Wu. I think I want to let him build what he may do best, that is an Eastman / Benedetto style type carved 17” archtop with NO electronics. No special fancy cuts is colors. No offense to his master craftsmanship but I believe this is the style in where his roots are from since he started with Eastman and may have derived his skills from the bob benedetto styles of carving a top, No? Get it across the the pond as someone once said here and have the floater installed here? Sound correct ? He sure looks like he carves a beautiful guitar. I wish I could order 2. One floater and one solid mounted humbucker.
    The only slight problem I have is I don’t really know any good luthiers here in south Jersey, Philadelphia area to modify my guitar. Do any of you guys know any?
    Vintage instruments in Pa?
    From what most of you guys have indicated here this guitar may need adjustments and or Fret dressing?
    Thanks for support guys .

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    Wu has progressed. His early products were somewhat wanting in the area of frets and electronics. I don't know about the electronics, because I prefer to install my own Rhythm Chief pickup. But the archtop I have now needed no fret work at all, it was close to perfect on delivery. He will install a set pickup, provide an installed floater, or a completely acoustic model as you specify. The Chinese-made Kent Armstrong he installs as stock is okay, but I prefer the DeArmond. It's a matter of personal preference. My archtop did need trussrod adjustment, because it was shipped with the rod completely loose, as well as the strings, the bridge packed separately, all to prevent damage in shipment. That's the way it should be done. But installing the bridge and adjusting the trussrod was the only necessary work. I reiterate that Wu knows how to carve a top and apply a finish. I haven't seen better.