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    Needed a bass for home made demos and just got one, a Squier Affinity Bronco in Torino Red. Lots of fun to play with. (And I play it with a pick, a Golden Gate mandolin pick at that.)

    Wanted to record something and this turned out to be it. The drum pattern is from EZ Drummer 2's "Sixties Pop Grooves" pack. (I recently bought it on sale for $10 and have already got two songs out of it, so I consider that money well spent.)

    This reminds me of the guitar instrumentals I heard on the radio as a kid. More for dancing than wowing guitar nerds like most of us. ;o)
    No solos. Yet fun.
    Around 3 minutes everything drops out but the drums and bass. (Later, the bass drops out.) I programmed the drums first and they play for over 5 minutes. The final version will not last that long.

    The bass was plugged directly into my Scarlett 2i2. The FX: Waves' CLA Bass set to the "Start Me Up" preset.

    No video of the playing, just a rough mix of the results with a still photo and a title card.


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    Cool! I get a definite "Annette and Frankie beach movie club scene" vibe.* Which in my book is cool.

    Congratulations on your spiffy new bass, and play it in good health!

    * Or perhaps "Mrs. Peele undercover with the Mods."

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    Those Golden Gate Mandos are my faves mo tone!!!

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    Bassists are just as passionate as guitarists about their instruments and tones - or are they? In the amateur bands I've been playing with, the bassist always relied on the same (upright) instrument and amp, while my axes and amps were in constant rotation at one point. The bass tone was what it was, period. What mattered was the bassist's timing and interaction with the drummer.

    Bass guitars are a different story - or are they? We are making music as a hobby in three generations now, and my grandson (15) plays the bass. He started with a Squier Bronco and now has a full-sized Squier Affinity JB. I've got one of those for cab testing, as well as a short-scale Höfner violin bass for fun. Frankly, I find the short-scale basses perfectly ok for most of the backing needs. But then, to me, a bass ukulele also sounds very jazzy. Are bassists as oblivious to the guitar tones around them? Are we fussing far too much about tones anyway? (I think somebody just raised the same question in another thread.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by steve burchfield
    Those Golden Gate Mandos are my faves mo tone!!!
    They are great picks. Especially useful for the bass. I play the guitar with them too but they give a nice warm thump to the bass.