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    I was not aware of this guitar until my friend got this recently. He had one decades ago.

    He describes it as an acoustic with archtop features. The back and top are arched slightly. The neck feels like it's on an archtop.

    I listened to a tune on it with Elixir stainless 12s. It sounds good amplified. A saddle pickup is not my favorite, but it does have great depth and a low end. And she's a looker.

    Guild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1477-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1479-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1478-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1480-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1472-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1473-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1474-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1476-jpg


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    Guild F65 Limited Run-thumbnail_img_1471-jpgGuild F65 Limited Run-img_1466-pngGuild F65 Limited Run-img_1469-pngGuild F65 Limited Run-img_1460-png

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    Yes. One of the Gruhn era designs I believe.