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    This is the first guitar I have purchased since 2017. I didn't need it, but I did need some new inspiration.

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    Sorry I don't have any personal pix, but the link tells the story other than the small bit that mine has a funky limited edition "powder blue" paint job. It's a great small guitar, especially for $500+. It plays great and sounds good and at this price I don't have to worry about it much.

    Fit & finish are excellent. I appreciate the ebony fretboard & bridge, also the bone nut & saddle (compensated too). The bridge pins are a little too tight to push all the way in, but that is no big deal. The bird inlays are cool. Gig bag is nice too. BTW, this guitar also comes with a truss rod wrench & an extra bridge pin -- very nice.

    Playability is excellent too. I play Gibson's mostly and the P20E has a short scale and neck profile that feel right at home to me. It feels like an acoustic guitar made for electric players. My guitar came set up with great action & phosphor bronze 12's. The action is nice & low -- perfect actually -- I have no need to adjust it. I'm super impressed that this guitar plays so well right out of the box.

    Sound is good, but this is where you hear the difference between a $500 guitar and a $2,000 guitar. Back & sides are laminate so the P20E projects mostly from the front. The sound is nuanced with lots of mids and not much bass. It's sounds great plugged in if you don't hate undersaddle peizo pickups too much. The Fishman system makes the guitar sound really good & I love the hidden soundhole controls. It's not a big loud acoustic, but it has a nice resonance & plenty of charm.

    My only complaints about the P20E are that I don't much care for the PRS headstock design & the kluson knock off tuners seem a little cheapo. They work fine, but I'm still giving that a mention. One note about the "powder blue" finish. It's really cool, but I think they should have called it "sky blue" instead. We'll see if it turns green in a few years . . . LOL I also wonder when a shiny spot will develop where my right arm rests on the body. I think it's a cool guitar regardless.


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    happy new acoustic day to you !

    it is the prettiest new guitar, that I have seen in a long time, really speaks to me.

    in blue, of course ...

    if they come up with an all solid wood version, I'd be tempted to buy it.

    rock on.

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    That's a sweet looking instrument. I bet it sounds as good as it looks. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Nice find! Most parlor instruments seem to be 25.5 scale. This is perfect for a Gibson scale player. Enjoy!

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    well done - nice looking guitar! I am a Parlour Guitar fan and love my 20 something year old Seagull Grand though never fully sure about the pointy headstock! I don't have a piezo pickup but have a schaller magnetic pup in the soundhole (only one that seemed to fit). I sold my more expensive dreadnought over this guitar as it is just more comfortable to play and i was more likely to reach for it.

    in scale length Seagull, Art & Lutherie (Godin) parlour guitars all have scale of 24.8"- PRS electrics are usually 25" is this less?

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    PRS P20E has a scale length of 24.72". The neck on this guitar feels very much like a Gibson neck both in length and in neck profile, which suits me just fine. I like this guitar more & more each day!

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    The smaller acoustics are nice for recording in a band setting as they cut thru nicely. All those acoustic recordings that Larry Carlton did were on a small acoustic (at 11:00 of this video)

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    This is all good to know, but here is my quest. I played a small bodied Martin that was all mahogany, and built in 1928. It was expensive, and fragile, but the sound was worth way more than the price of $2000 back in 2002.

    I would love to find an affordable version of that guitar. And I love the sound of classical guitar (small bodies) with fingerpicking, but I think a steel string version would be the perfect acoustic for me. Any thoughts and recommendations?

    Is the PRS Parlor guitar an answer? I see they come in fully mahogany bodies as well.

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    I like smaller/parlor guitars. Having small hands, they suit me especially well. I have a Martin, a Taylor, a Gretsch and a KL?S. The PRS looks really nice. And I've always liked the PRS headstocks!

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    hi Jimmy

    I'm not sure what the pricing is like now but Martin do a 00-15 which is all solid mahogany as do Guild in their USA made M20 - both at or below 2k and I think Simon and Patrick do an all solid mahogany folk size too which is about half that price.

    Dowina guitars from Slovenia do affordable all solid wood guitars and are getting great reviews in Europe - though i've never played one - their parlour size is called BV and there is a choice of tone woods but not sure about mahogany.

    I've alway liked the idea of a nylon string parlour or Romantic guitar but not sure how versitile it would be!: