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    Hi everyone!

    I recently ordered the Ibanez GB10SE. Apparently, the strap button closer to the neck does not come attached, but as an accessory with the guitar. Has anyone had experience attaching a strap button themselves? If so, where did you decide to put it?

    Thank you in advance! :-)
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    I like this position best:
    Attaching Strap Buttons / Ibanez GB10SE-img_0177-jpg

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    I prefer having it in the side, bass upper bout, just above the neck. But that does present some issues, and it isn't a quick and easy installation there, because it needs reinforcement inside. In the back, either in the heel or just inside it, as above, is the usual position. Those go into solid wood. Most modern models don't have room for the button to go into the heel, though.

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    Back in the day, players used a strap that went around the headstock just past the nut. I had one on an L50.

    It certainly looked like it would strain the neck and eventually warp it, but it never did.

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    My two new Martins came with position #5. I'm a believer.

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    I’m with guavajelly, position number one. You can look in and make sure you’re hitting the block. Seems safe?

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    The stress on the neck from a strap to the headstock is very minor compared to the stress from the strings. It's a non-issue.

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    Position number 5 for my 3 acoustics (no cutaway), but for a cutaway archtop (ES-175D) I find position number two (heel cap) avoids access problems when playing in the higher register. For 335s I also use position 2 but it can create a tendancy for the guitar to "lean" away from my body which I counter with a wide suede Levy's strap - careful drilling/reaming needed here because some heel caps can be quite small). On my 7 solid bodies the position varies but most are on the upper horn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzkritter
    I’m with guavajelly, position number one. You can look in and make sure you’re hitting the block. Seems safe?
    I just tap the back and listen to find out where the block is. There should always be enough room to get the screw solidly into the block.

    On my GB200 the shop put the button into position 4. Solid fit but the button can get in the way of my fretting hand – well, a little bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpad
    Hi everyone!

    I recently ordered the Ibanez GB10SE.
    BTW, let us all know how you like the guitar.

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    Attaching Strap Buttons / Ibanez GB10SE-0db5e9b3-a73c-4730-8a86-4b71e62fe875-jpeg

    position 1 and 3 are the best. I have a Ibanez GB40 and came without the strap button installed. A feller i know in my local guitarstore installed it for me right before my eyes (looks really scary). It happened so quick that he didn’t even charged me for it. You should be careful though, because not everyone who works in guitarshops can proper handle guitars. Usually the older guys are knowledgeable about that. Anyway, if you go with position one the guitar won’t however tip over, because its light and thin. If you have a bigger heavy archtop position 3 would be perfect because it evenly spreads the weight in a way that the guitar remains straight while standing and won’t actually bend or tip over. I would stay away from any other position, because they usually look weird and some of them hinder your hand while playing high up the neck or aren’t in the most stable place to start with. 1 and 3 go right into the block. Hope this helps, Cheers.

    ps: if you go with 3, make sure that they don’t install it too near to the neck or you will have trouble fitting a strap around it. There should always remain enough room for the strap to easily go on and off.

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    Attaching Strap Buttons / Ibanez GB10SE-61f54246-08ed-4bf9-bb0e-8235ed3026e6-jpg

    Thoughts of a position 4 believer (no, it has never came in the way of my fretting hand):

    A) We who use strap locks do not appreciate the positions 1 and 2. (Look at the picture.)

    B) I have always thought that when You put a guitar with a strap button in the position 1 or 2 to its case and close it, the top of the case presses the neck and body down and put a stress on them leaning on the strap button. Am I hysteric?

    C) Positions 1 and 2 make a hole in Your guitar case’s inside material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guavajelly
    BTW, let us all know how you like the guitar.

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind, informative, and thoughtful replies! I will be taking my new guitar to a luthier to get it all set up this coming week, and will be having him install the strap button. I believe I will go with position one, but haven't made a final decision yet.

    Regarding the guitar - I am in love with it! It sounds amazing acoustically, and this natural sound is retained and conveyed extremely well when plugged in. As many of you know, the GB10SE model is on the relatively cheaper side of their archtops. However, Ibanez pulled no stops. It looks and sounds beautiful. Here's a quick clip of me playing along with a Pat Metheny tune: