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    I just got mine a couple of months ago, I was fortunate to find one stamped 2nd for a tiny imperfection where the paint got about 2mm close the the neck binding, totally unnoticeable and not affecting anything. However saved $800 bucks.
    The guitar has pretty much what Gibson calls a "Slim Taper" neck profile, but I like it. The new JSM pickups on this guitar are hotter that anything I've seen on an Ibanez Hollowbody (including previous JSM models) and it makes sense, since John like to drive his amp with the guitar quite a bit, however the neck PU sounds fat and focused (which is all I really care about) This guitar has a maple top and back unlike the JSM100 model which has the Anigre top and back, I guess John wanted to harness the tone of his old AS200 and I like it too. The combination of the new pickups and the maple has a more opened tone with less scooped mids and more clarity/focus. At least that is my conclusion after listening to an old recording I had playing the old JSM100. I found out quick that playing a black guitar "sucks", you get every fingerprint, dust, and smudges magnified X100.
    I'll get used to it...


    Ibanez JSM20TH-20230111_231156-jpg


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    Ibanez seconds are a great deal. They destroy anything but nearly perfect ones that become S stamped. I have two “S”s and saved a whole lot too.
    i have no AS, i need to think about this.)))