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    Dear Jazzers,

    Here is a new demo of my '53 L5C recorded through a BAM 200 amp head. Although designed for bass players this amp head has a lot to give to jazz guitars. This tune is respectfully dedicated to Jimmy Raney, one of my very best heroes.

    Be safe and take care.


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    This is how I want to be able to play when I grow up!

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    Dig the socks ! ......oh and the playing too.

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    Beautiful guitar and beautiful playing. But I to must mention the socks,nice!

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    Lovely, lovely playing, and what a warm, clear, ringing tone! Well done Sir, well done!

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    I watched for the socks and was not disappointed :)

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    Dear all,

    Thanks for your comments. The socks are a gift from my daughter, so they are invaluable to me...

    Best and take care.

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    Nice playing and nice tone, Fred !
    What cabinet do you use with this amp ?

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    Man, what sweet tone. Sounds like a Gibson with a Biltoft pickup!

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    Hi Fred,
    Very beautiful, classy playing there sir.
    Your videos blow me away every time. There is a lot that I should learn from your playing. Very Smooth. Pleasing to my ears.
    I’m sorry that I posted my video soon after you did. I should have checked the forum before I posted.
    Beautiful stuff Fred.

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    Dear archtop afficionados,

    Thank for sharing your positive thoughts on that.

    @Lawson-Stone: if I could only once in my life play, let's say 8 bars, as the immense Jimmy was doing, then I would feel blessed.

    @Jfranck: as for live playing, I pair the BAM 200 or alternatively the Quilter 101 amp heads with a Toob 12J cab. It's really a great cab for jazz, very versatile for a large range of clear sounds. Here, for the purpose of the recording I've just plugged the BAM200 in a DI box.

    @Max405/Joey: you're kidding me my friend. I' m so glad to hear you playing this wonderful piece of the great Johnny Smith. I wish I could have your right-hand technique to play such a piece of music like this. But I'm a slow hand guy.