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    Got a “new” guitar today...a rather heavily used Hohner flattop.

    Hohner of a “new” vintage guitar...-8783f0a9-1ce6-418f-babc-200fc74bad18-jpeg

    It is possibly playable, with a little fettling. But the real reason I got it was for an art project. My fiancee and her daughter want to use it as a cabinet for miniatures, something like this:

    Hohner of a “new” vintage guitar...-1ee676b7-ecb3-41d7-bc6f-5c8e2e691506-jpeg

    I got it from a local pawn shop...I overpaid a bit for it ($50), but it had the right mojo I was looking for. (An even cooler Kay was listed at $299–and with a bowed neck! Unfortunately, they research all their inventory and price it high—no real bargains there.)


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    hohners were decent entry level guitars...tho they no longer are involved with guitars these days

    i posted that pic of the miniatures within, a few weeks back in the look inside your guitar thread

    great fun