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    I've become interested in 7 string models of guitars, as a result of my viewing the work
    of GVE and father and son Pizzarelli. Dad got his motivation from GVE, and was a very
    early buyer of a Gretsch GVE 7 stringer.

    I really would love to learn all the specifications of the Gretsch GVE 7 String model. Wood
    used in body construction, solid/laminated? Width of nut? Is the neck thick/medium/thin
    from it's back to the surface of the fretboard? IS IT A WELL MADE GUITAR OVERALL?

    I thank you all in advance for whatever info you can provide!


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    Lots of good information on the model and its various iterations here: Gretsch Van Eps: Gretsch-GEAR: The Gretsch Pages

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    It's a Baldwin era Gretsch with all the issues that implies. When I was playing 7-string they come up from time to time and most of the time the cost of restoration was too high to bother (most had serious binding rot). My recollection is that the nut was at least 2" with a deep profile. George had enormous hands.
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    note differences in headstock and tailpiece


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    I had one when I took a stab at 7 string playing (6 strings are challenging enough for me, thank you very much!)

    I found the Gretsch Van Eps to be very heavy and a bit thin in the upper registers. I think there are better choices today for a 7 string archtop.

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    I always found them awful guitars to say the very least. They are Gretsch and that right away says much. Gretsch used screws and the neck on some models and generally the ones made in the 1960's are a mess and need necksets. I reset a Gretsch neck about 2 years ago for a customer and got it find but taking the neck off I could see they were not too exact about putting them on in the first place.

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    To Deacon Mark,
    I've sent a P.M. to you sir.
    And thank you for your informed comment!

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    Those differences viewable from picture 1 to picture 2 are certainly interesting!

    To Jim Soloway,
    I thank you for your experienced based comment!

    To DAVID B,
    Thank you for that link; I've gone there as a result of your "share", and it was a nice visit!

    You picked a Cool "Handle"! I thank you for sharing your experience with the GVE model, and also for your recommendation to look at other 7s.