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    I have a Fender Super Champ X2 head that I'm looking to pair with a good jazz voiced 10 or 12 inch speaker. I currently run it into an old 80's Marshall JCM800 1x12 cabinet. I think the speaker is a 12" Celestion - it's whatever the cabinet came with stock. That setup is great for rock but now that I'm delving into jazz, I was wondering if a different speaker might give me better clean tone (less midrange boxy sound). I think the amp puts out about 15 watts via 2 6V6 power tubes. I don't play live. This is for practice and recording. Any suggestions?


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    I'm very happy with an Eminence Legend 1058 (75 watts) of very clean tone. It sounds amazing in my 18 watt '82 Super Champ.
    They also make a 35 watt 1028k.

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    Jensen's new Blackbird 40 AlNiCo is superb.

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    Cannabis Rex - I used this combination for several years until the X2 gave up the ghost.

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    I am using mostly an Eminence Lil Buddy (10 inches).