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    all the common metronomes, like korg tm-50 or boss db or the likes only go down to 30 bpm, but I want a device for praticing only having a click once a bar or once every 2 bars to work on my inner pulse. I can't seem to find any.
    I don't want to use apps or websites because I need computer and phone off when practicing

    Anybody here has a recommendation?


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    Buy a cheap phone, get some apps.
    Then take the sim card out and destroy it.

    btw. i got a stupid useless tablet for changing the contract of the internet provider once.
    It just sat there, annoying me with its presence, had no use for it. Then just put some of the apps there and now its all what it does.
    I mean, if its dedicated to practice - there is nothing wrong having it. I mean.. I'm a weak person, and all it does is "practice with me, you dumb lazy no good couch ornament you".
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    TimeGuru app on my iPad goes down to 5 bpm and can do one click per bar. But then you don’t want apps.

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    Just put your phone in airplane mode.

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    strobo plus tuner with metronome...all in one with time variations/accents..etc....

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    Quote Originally Posted by customxke
    Just put your phone in airplane mode.


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    Boss DB-90. I also got it because I was looking for a metronome for practicing 1 beat a bar or 1 beat every two bars.

    On the surface it also only goes down to 30 but individual sliders let you accent only one beat or two beats. For example if you set it to 40 and only sound the first beat, you got 10 beats per minute.

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    I ordered a 2nd hand DB-90
    case closed, thanks everyone

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    Boss DB 90 also has a built-in guitar amp and a drum machine. In the drum machine mode, sliders control different parts of the drum (snare, kick, ride etc) which also gives you an option to effectively get very small tempos. You can only sound the ride cymbal for example.

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    I purchased the DB 90 a couple months ago. Right after I got it I developed some pain in my side due to being out of shape! It's getting better so I plan to start practicing again and looking forward to using the DB 90.

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    Find a mechanical Taktell used. Much more enjoyable than electronic ones imo.