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    This is a returning guitar to me actually. I sold it to someone I know about a decade ago. He's thinning his herd and offered to sell it back. This is the one guitar I wish I never let go of, not for any noble reason but for its looks. I also plays well and sounds good.

    It's a thin hollowbody. What makes it different is that it came from the factory with humbuckers, a SD Jazz in the neck and 59 in the bridge. It also had some extra binding and a MOP headstock Heritage inlay. Further, the TRC and pickguard were made by the original owner in Hong Kong.

    Heritage H-530 with some custom features-thumbnail_91e6146e-af86-4dbc-8504-3e013e949c5c-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_37182-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_34552-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_63849-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_117422-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_61882-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-gallery_2472_317_49644-jpg


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    Now that's a looker!

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    That is a very unique and purty guitar! If it sounds nearly as good as it looks, wow.

    And it just *looks* fast ...

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    Oh wow, doesn't get any better in a ES-330 type guitar, imo.

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    Marty~ I remember that unique H-530 and know the previous owner. Play it in good health.

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    I had that same pickup combination in an Epiphone Les Paul. Great sounding pups!

    And that Heritage is a real looker! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Pre-shipment photos. Different lighting. Headstock dusty.

    Heritage H-530 with some custom features-4c38e5b7-5db1-4037-9dec-8d054569c31c1154-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-d1739dbe-2238-42e3-890c-710b143a290f1152-jpgHeritage H-530 with some custom features-f742fd78-737b-4046-b858-6947a972967a1150-jpg