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    Hi there,
    I can get a late 80's Ibanez AF200 for roughly 1200 euros, with the old style headstock. It will probably need a refret in a few years or so, which will set me back another 300-350. Maybe some other work and it makes the price around 1600 euros, which to me feels quite close to a brand new AF2000 which is 2300 euros.

    On the other hand, the seller says it still plays well and I have a soft touch: I usually never have to replace frets at all.

    Or does a late 80s AF2000 carry any 'vintage/collectors' vibe that I'm not aware of?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeontheguitar
    Or does a late 80s AF2000 carry any 'vintage/collectors' vibe that I'm not aware of?

    From what I have seen no .. Not at all. 80s Ibanez guitars and 90+ ones command more or less the same prices from what I've seen. If you're lucky you might squeeze it 200 euro at best, but all in all no.

    I haven't seen an AF200s for sale tho, it's mostly GB10s and Metheny models, but haven't noticed price differences between the 80s and the rest.

    Both the GB10s and Methenys tend to hover around the 1350 euro mark here in Denmark (10000 DKK, a nice round number). It's what I paid for my PM100 and seen several PM120s and GB10s go for that. I even saw a 1979 GB10 go for 1500-1550 euro as far as I remember.

    I dunno what 2020 and Covid19 has done to Ibanez archtop prices, but .. probably not much.

    I dunno ... I'd understand wanting a brand new toy, but I also understand going for half price of new

    Hit him with an offer of 1100 euro?

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    Thanks for replying!
    I normally prefer pre-owned instruments for 'eco' reasons, but I also don't want to overpay for pre-owned instruments. Also, the seller is not a company, so there's no warranty, whatsoever. Most of my pre-owned instruments were bought from a dealer, which I like, because they can help me with a set-up etc. Also, I'm not experienced enough to tell how long it will take before the guitar needs a refret.
    1200 is his lowest offer, so he won't sell it for 1100.

    Maybe I'll give the Godin Kingpin a try. I've heard so many good stories about it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeontheguitar
    Maybe I'll give the Godin Kingpin a try. I've heard so many good stories about it here.

    They are cheap .. especially used and as you so so many great stories around these part. Jeff (Mr. Beaumont) did sound great on his a while back before his H575 and now his tele stole his attention.

    That being said, I never liked the ones I've tried, so ..

    But if you're not desperate for a guitar then another AF200 or something similar is bound to show up in a good condition or at a nice price eventually

    Yes you have warranty when buying new .. But used is usually half price of new, so buy two used ones .. even if it turns out that one of them is totally fucked and you need to throw it in the trash, you'll still have the other and have not lost more money than buying new. If it was not for the refret job looming then I'd have no issues with buying the AF200

    As is I'd probably sit tight and wait for one in better condition?

    My opinions, mileage may vary and all that

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    Collectors' vibe perhaps nor (yet), vintage vibe yes and more of it as time goes by. Aged tonewoods, even laminate, sound better than new. Old varnish is probably harder and more resonant. Just look how happy people are about their vintage ES-125s, a humble student model when new. Also consider that the price difference between used and new suggests how much a new guitar's value sinks the day it leaves the store. Used is a safer investment in terms of absolute and relative value drop.

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    I just mailed the seller that I will check it out tomorrow. Anything I should look out for in particular?

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    Truss rod working? Electrics ok? Neck joint. No hump around 14th fret. Top not sunken under the bridge (high bridge yet low action). Fretboard not warped when viewed from the nut. Fret wear. Best if you can play entire fretboard through amp at significant volume (electrics; no buzz from loose bracing). Good luck!

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    AF200 owner/fan here.
    Joe I don’t think there is anything particular you need to look for. Tuners should be Gotoh high end they should be tried. I’m sure you know to check carefully all neck joints and seams for anything that looks odd. The difference between use and abuse is usually obvious and I assume you are meeting the seller, so you’ll have an indication of what kind of care it received
    Alate 80’s will be spruce top, maple back and sides. They’ve been flirting with Anigre on and off and the AF2000 (newest) is Anigre back and sides.
    As to price I only know here. New seems fixed at 2600USD. Used range can go 1300-1800. Honest over here you don’t see many coming up used. Mine was a ‘second’ here’s one at the guy I got mine from whom I strongly recommend. IBANEZ AF200BS AF200
    BTW I love the Ibanez neck. I found the Godwin neck uncomfortable but that’s me.
    It’s a guitar worth waiting to find a nice one!