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    Hi, just wondering if anyone has a Yamaha THR10ii or even better, a THR30II.
    I am thinking about one of these. I like stereo and I love the portability and Bluetooth capability. Rechargeable batteries and wireless operation are cool features too.
    If you have one, let me know what you think.
    Thanks, Joe D


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    I have the THR10 II and it is great for several reasons:

    1. Clean stereo sound. On both the clean (with gain turned up about halfway) and crunch settings (with gain set low) you can get fat jazz tone. Good reverb. I'm not very versed on the other effects.

    2. Bluetooth audio. I send the iReal Pro rhythm section from my iPhone over bluetooth to the Yamaha. Since, Guitar and Audio each have their own master volumes, you can easily get a great mix.

    3. USB out for direct recording. Great fat jazz tone with effects (reverb) will go straight into your recording app on iPhone, iPad or computer.

    I don't have wireless, but I wish I did!


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    I had one for a few days. I hesitate to say anything because lots of very accomplished musicians love this device, and I'm not much of a musician at all. With that disclaimer, I'll say that, to me, it sounded pretty much like what you'd expect two 3" speakers to sound like. Also, it just seemed sort of alien and disembodied, off in its own realm -- I just didn't have any rapport with the thing, as ridiculous as that may sound. Most people love it, though, so probably the fault lies with me.

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    I totally get your perspective, raymoan. For me the beauty of the unit is that at low volume you can get a good fat tone. It’s more like a hi-fi radio/Bluetooth speaker than a guitar amp. I purely use it as a practice device and, for that it’s perfect for me. With the small speakers, I can’t imagine it being giggable.

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    I got a THR1130 late last year after much time on YouTube watching reviews, most of which were not
    related to what a player like me who wants clean,warm and clarity string to string.

    We were moving from our home of 14 years to a "village" apartment.
    I knew space would be at a premium in our new abode and more so that my wife and
    I were going to have to share the second bedroom as our study. hmmmm

    Long story short I took my Mike Stern signature Tele [has a SD 59 at the neck] and tried the first
    THR1130 in NZ.
    I went through the "classic" amp model settings and settled pretty quickly on the "bass" model
    which I later saw in the manual as being based on the venerable Fender Bassman 4X10.

    Sounded amazing almost immediately and with a little tweaking of the gain, master and setting the tones to
    what is often a jazzer's default on say a Fender Twin ie bass on 2-3 mids 8 and treble on 2-3 voila
    a gorgeous warm clean sound.
    I was surprised and the young man in the shop was gobsmacked !

    So I bought it and took it home.
    My better half who has seen and heard practically every combination of guitar/amp was quite taken aback and
    remarked that it was sounding like I was playing a nice archtop.

    Having lived with this wee beauty [the amp] for a few months now, it is really coming into its own.
    For instance the speakers in the 30 watt model are 3.5" not 3" as on the 10 watter. Surface area etc and perhaps a
    slightly bigger enclosure. [Therefore plenty bass if you want it]

    The effects are rather good, particularly when you use the bluetooth to fine tune the verb, delay, etc etc.
    But if you can't be bothered with tweaking the parameters [not a nasty menu type situation BTW] you can
    just use the controls on the top of the unit and be playing away immediately. [There are also five programmable presets
    if you want to dial up a favourite sound quickly]

    As someone mentioned earlier, if you want to use a track of some sort to play along to or if you're into some transcribing,
    the bluetooth connection is good, although I simply run an aux in via cable from my laptop usually.
    It's a great feature that you can adjust the input level of the guitar separately from the aux in to easily get the
    desired balance.

    Another big selling feature for me is the remote ....as I mentioned earlier we're in a relatively small apartment and the thought
    of running a cable from guitar to amp would likely be a pain one of us tripping over it and so on.
    ....The only downside is that the Line6 RelayG10 remote has to be purchased as a separate item....another 2hundy NZD.
    The store I bought the amp from also apologised that I'd have to get the remote from a rival chain.
    Oh well....it works brilliantly, with no perceivable latency. [BTW it's because Yamaha have bought out Line 6
    that this anomaly exists. Yamaha unlike some other corporate raiders in the music biz have left the existing distribution
    deals with the chains that had Line 6]

    And just when you think you'd wish you had your favourite "real" amp hooked up...put your headphones on!
    Astonishingly good sound, none of that horrible squishy rubbish that you get from headphone outs on most amps.
    It is good enough to use as your mike pre IMO, and sound excellent.

    That'll do for now....and no, I have absolutely no affiliation to Yamaha or the store that charged me full price.

    Any more questions you have I'd be happy to reply to.

    PS, did I mention you can unplug it and take anywhere in the house....or elsewhere and you're good to go
    for C4 hrs on built in battery power.

    PPS, further to the above I let the Sternocaster go and got a GB10 from the same store, they are Ibanez dealers.
    Whew the GB with a custom flatwound set on it just knocks me out.

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    Wow great input guys.
    Roli and Moonray, everything you mentioned is why I am interested in this amp. I want something small that sounds a little bigger. I am not expecting miracles. I want to get the 30 because I want to play my stuff on the beach or on the lanai, so I can entertain other people. Portability is important. Using it as a digital interface is a bonus. Sounds like a Swiss Army knife. Space will an issue for me down the line so this sounds like a brilliant device that provides a lot of feature that I will use.
    The battery life sounds great.
    Raymoan, I bought a Line6 amplifi that sounded like a transistor radio to me. So I returned it. I was hoping this would sound better. Sort of like a miracle sound reproduction like Bose is able to create. Sounds like your experience was more “amplifi” than “Bose”.. I was hoping it would be the other way around.
    Thanks for real life examples guys. I appreciate it!
    Joe D

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    Huge fan. Every video I've posted here in the last year or so has been the THR10ii.

    Highly recommend using the crunch channel with gain set low for jazz. Its the perfect practice amp.

    I think if I were going to the park and bringing my guitar, I'd still opt for the microcube, seems more rugged, runs on regular batteries over rechargeable...but the THR sounds much fuller-- not louder, but much less one directional with sound output.

    Very reminiscent of a good Bluetooth speaker that can fill a room with sound without being loud.

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    Mr B,
    Wow dude. 1st of all, you ALWAYS blow me away with your playing. You are as great as any player around, and you know I’ve been saying that for years.
    Maybe the 30 has a little more balls for the beach. And in a 4 seasons type of sunroom, that “filling the room” thing you mention would be perfecto!
    Thanks bud.