Noticed Joe V had one of the Art Valdez D'Angelico replicas listed for sale. Apparently it sold pretty fast:

1991 D'Angelico Excel, First USA Reissue

I was a customer of Art's for many years, and remember clearly when he got the commission to build the replicas. He was rooted in Classical and Flamenco guitar building, however built several steel string flat-top instruments (I had one he built for me). I recall visiting him in the late 80's-early nineties at his shop on Sunset and Gardner, Guitar Row in Hollywood. I played a one of the replicas he built, he really put heart and soul into it. It was still new and and needed to open up but had lots of potential. He also built a few archtops from the plans that had "Valdez" on the headstock. Wonder where those went

Fast forward to about 2011-12. I visited his shop and and he was getting ready to retire. Was tired of running a shop on Sunset and frankly getting on in years. He told me he was going to move to AZ with his daughter, however I read here on the forum that never happened. Information was he moved to a retirement community in the San Fernando Valley.

Art was a kind, talented guy. I imagine he has crossed over to Guitar Frolic Land (Heaven) by now. Any updated information is welcome, and I was wondering if a forum member here was fortunate enough to obtain the Valdez replica Joe V had on the market.