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    I’ve been pondering the new Eagle Classic for a bit, and got some quotes back from musiciansfriend near the end of last year for $3800 shipped (plus 8% points I could use for a Hiscox case in the future)

    I took a look at all the big dealers this morning and it appears that the entry price raised by $500 this year

    $4800 is awful close to Campellone, other small builders,
    kind of bummed about this pretty large price increase


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    I don't understand your math.
    Where did you get $4,800?
    $3,800 + 500 = $4,300.
    I see a couple at Wolfe advertised at $4,299 w/free shipping.

    FWIW, Campellone starting price for a Standard = $5,200.
    You'll pay for shipping from Campellone, so, when the dust settles, you can probably get a new Heritage Eagle Classic for @3/4 of the cost of a new Campellone Standard.
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    I should have been more clear

    list price at the end of last year was $4300 it has now raised to $4800

    It used to be easy to get one for under $4k, but now it doesn’t seem possible

    i was planning on ordering from a big store to hopefully score a discount and get “gear points” to use for a nicer case - I may have to check out Wolfe guitars if I go with a smaller shop

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    Big box stores may or may not give you a slight discount, but its worth asking, especially as (inventory) tax season approaches.

    Also, check with Heritage. They sell direct from their factory and maybe they want to move some on-hand inventory.

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    Would you consider buying a used one?