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    I’m discussing a possible trade and I’d like some educated input. I have a ‘71 ES-345TDW that’s in great shape but I can’t stand the neck width so it doesn’t get played. I have a potential opportunity to trade for a 2018 ES-275 that looks mint. I’ve read a mixed bag of reviews on the 275 but like the look and dimensions quite a lot. We’re working out a time for each of us to examine the others guitar but I’m not entirely sure what to be on the lookout for. Here’s the Reverb link to the 275 in question. Gibson ES-275 Custom Figured 2018 Iced Tea Burst | | Reverb


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    look at this..read the specs carefully

    Gibson ES-275 2019 - musical instruments - by owner - sale

    i'd think a minty '71 345 worth more!


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    considering the changed tuners on your guitar it's a pretty fair trade and narrow nut Gibson's can be a tough sell.
    the 275 you're considering is a trapeze equipped guitar unlike the stoptail NA linked
    if you're familiar w/the 275 and like the model, why not, the 345 isn't worth all that much more and the trapeze on the 275 might be more to your liking than the Bigsby on your guitar.
    but if you feel the 345 is worth that much more [I don't personally] you could try to sell it and still buy the 275

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    I agree with Wintermoon. It sounds like a roughly even trade. If you’d play the ES-275 more, it seems like a sensible trade.

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    We’re gonna shoot for a meet up on Sunday to test drive each guitar. The seller suggested coming to me but I don’t exactly like the idea of giving out my address to somebody I don’t know. Instead, I’m gonna recommend we meet up at my office so we can use my amp and each have a sense of mutual security. Tomorrow, I hope to finish installing the new Pete Biltoft CC floater on my EXL-1. With that project finished, I should be covered on the big-bodied archtop front for awhile. If I like the 275 and we can make an amicable trade, I’ll be set on the smaller, comfortable humbucker side of things, as well. Truth be told, I still grab my Tele more than anything else so this could all be a waste of time and money!

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    What seemed interesting about the 275 in question is the rosewood FB. I’ve seen them with richlite boards but rosewood seems uncommon. The seller claims to work at Gibson so is it possible that this was a custom order? We are in Nashville so it could’ve been something made-to-order at the factory here, I guess...